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    I got Voolvif Monn, Jango, and the clone at the Westminster Target today. They had, I think, one more of each, and at least one Padmé and Destroyer Droid, but no McRebels. They were all in the same aisle as the figures normally are, but to the left.

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    I found the Wal-mart exclusives Cantina set and Max Rebo band sets. No sign of the Comic packs yet, but I have heard they won't be out until after Christmas or early January.

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    Found a full set of comic packs 11-13 at Wal-Mart off of 33rd and Tower, they had some wave 5 figs (3PO and Salacious, Hemie, etc...) and a few Wave 6 (Lando, and Han) no max rebo band sets, from what i could see, Not that i need them, though i never got one of the sets back when they were 2 packs. (droopy McCool and the other guy who looks like he was in Episode 4, not 6)
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    Found at Wal-Mart on Abeline (in Aurora) the new Indiana Jones lego sets, Force Unleashed lightsaber and Rebo Band Packs.

    Also got more shipping notices from Master Replicas!

    Christmas was great this year!
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    Hit Boulder Target this morning to check out if anything had gone clearance yet, and Target's exclusives are still full price. Found an Arc Elite battlepack which I was very happy about since they have been sold out here, but noticed the the droid was swapped out.

    I am so sick of this practice! Anyway, I was able to get 15% of the set because in the end all I wanted was the pilots and clones. Now I just need to find one more set and I am ready to go! Still the figure swappers make me sick.
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    I, too, was at the Boulder Target today. They moved everything around and I couldn't find any figures at all.

    Ah well, I'll be good with my Christmas presents for a while.

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    Today I saw weird keychain two-packs (which I'd never heard of before) near the figures at two different Targets, as well as bobbleheads and shelf space for Force Unleashed Lightsabers, Mighty Muggs, and the new Evolutions sets. Westminster TRU has all of wave 8 a few times over but no McRebels.

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    Wel lets see... finally shipped me my 2nd Allison Sohn Celebration Europe Print. Woohoo! I was starting to think I was out of luck on this one since they are sold out.

    Recieved some awesome items in the mail.....Kotobukiya Commander Bly, Darth Vader ESB Statue, Royal Guard and Senate Guard Minibusts from Gentle Giant, Stormtrooper and Shadow Trooper LE Helmets from Master Replicas, 12" Ben Kenobi from Sideshow. HOOO thats a lot!

    Also got the Wethertop Enviroment from Sideshow Collectibles -also very sweet!

    Also getting ready to send in items for the Wattographs autograph signing with Joel Edgerton.
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    The Boulder Target has several ARC-170's, Tie Bombers, and AT-RT battle packs on clearance today. It is strange, it is like they were keeping them in back so they could put them all on clearance. I was there yesterday and thought I missed them all but none of them were out.

    None of the pilot battle packs however, I really needed one more of them...
    "Not again, Obi Wan is going to kill me."


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