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    Hey Vulcantouch, havent seen you post in a while, In case you havent read the Starcon Post from Jay. But me and him are meeting at a table by the bar right by the door, at 5 as it said, whoever gets there first will have a noticible large item on the table, so we can find eachother. Hope to see you there!
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    Talking i gotcher "noticeable large item" right Here ;P

    oh i post alla time, in gendiscuss, micromachines & the "other movies" forums, feel free to drop by them places but i havent' checked the conventions forum in months. anyhoo, i think it's good to arrange things right here on the fourms cuz it's easier to keep track of (& i need to minimize traffic in my overloaded emailbox whenever possible )
    warstar's currently in montana, but let's see if we can convince haggie & ar2 (both on the mm forum) to meet us

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    Ill go over to the Mm forum after this, i actually have a found! I BOUGHT the Epic Deuls Game from K-Mart on Colfax and Chambers, they also had the LIFE Star Wars version. I had no trouble getting them rungup, each game was 19.97, jedi Duels is COOL, 31 actual plastic characters, all fully painted! NEATO.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    AOTC at K-Mart!!!!

    Just went to K-Mart at 58th and Kipling. They have AOTC stuff on the shelves! Here's what they have:

    100 piece puzzles $3 (really cool images but pretty small)
    Count Dooku lightsaber $23
    Anakin lightsaber $23
    Slave 1 $30
    Jedi Starfighter (didn't see price)

    They also had all the Deluxe figures and half of them were incorrectly marked at $4.99 instead of the usual $10.99!

    Count Dooku (flipping action; with spoiler name)
    Obi-Wan (flipping action)
    Mace Windu (with Battle Droid)
    Jango Fett (removable armor and movie sounds)

    Also found the AOTC games:

    Star Wars Life $20
    Star Wars Stratego $15
    Epic Duels $20
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    Thanks a lot Haggie. I went to this dismal K-mart this AM and was able to buy the deluxe figures and Slave 1. I think the Jedi Starfighter was $24.99. I grabbed the miss marked figures ($4.99), but they still range up at $10.99 and the cashier would not over-ride. She said I could put them back if I did not like the price. (Kind of gruppy lady who was not happy to have customers this early on a Sunday.) If anyone is interested, they had at least five left of each figure, and about 6 Slave 1's and 4 Jedi Starfighters.
    If you live in Aurora and don't know where the store is, just jump on 225 and get off on the Wadsworth exit. Go North on Wadsworth until you hit 58th. Turn Left (West). K-mart will be on your north side.

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    Feels pretty good to get some AOTC early, doesn't it Ces? I really wanted to pick up the Slave 1 but I have to wait a little while. I just sent all my money to the IRS

    Has anybody bought the Epic Duels game? I'm really curious to hear if it's any good.

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    Mr. Hat did. I would be interested in what you think of it Mr. Hat. I looked at the back of the box, and the game looked a little complicated.

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    I picked up the Epic Duels Game at K-Mart in Colfax & Chambers, i think its cool, here is a synopsis-

    You have 12 teams each consisting of 2-3 characters from each movie, 31 fully painted micro-machine but bigger type figures. Each team has a card set, they have actions, defences, and attacks, and you can use them wanever you get them. There are 4 playing surfaces, Cloud City, Death Star, Kamino, and Geonosis. The point of the game is like one of those video games where you fight and whoever hits faster, harder and damages the charcter to death wins, there are several ways to play including a deathmatch type thing where the person with the last main character standing wins. I suggest it.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    OH SO CLOSE!!!! I went into Wal-Mart on Abeline to see boxes of Episode II figures sitting on the shipping palet. So I pulled a box off to the side and opened it up. I took a Jango, Obi, Anakin and a Padme. The figures were ringing up "Sale Not Allowed." The cashier called a manager and she said that they couldn't sell them, she didn't know why. SO I saw them and I came close. They do look a LOT better in person. So now I have something more to look forward to for Midnight Madness.
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    My only concern about Walmart and this sale not allowed business is that they will not have it removed for next week. I can finding everything you want at a Walmart and the manager refusing to sell it because they are clueless.


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