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    Cool, glad you got it. And no, I havent gone out yet
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    Double post . . . I suppose I could have just edited that last post, but, you know . . .

    Tonight at the Huron Wal-Mart, I got Stass Allie, Bail and Breha Organa, and the Felucia Clone Trooper. They had a few more of Stass and Bail, as well as a few Jodo Kast with the new silver part and a ton of the Coruscant Clone Troopers with the new silver droid part.

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    Picked up the new large Grievous at Super Wal-Mart on Hampden yesterday. No sign of the rest of the wave though. Cool figure I must say though.
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    Sears has their SW figures in once again. Had the basic Jodo Kast wave along with a few new Battlepacks: Anakin w/ Staps and Endor (w/ Han, Lt. Renz, R2, Scout) They were $21.95 abouts.
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    Though I haven't found anything in stores recently, my mom's friend has started dating a guy recently who collects Star Wars figures. He is in the process of getting rid of his carded collection and some of the multiples of the loose collection, so he asked if I needed anything. I mentioned Mara Jade, EU Leia, Queen Amidala with Ascension Gun, and Admiral Motti, not really expecting anything, but he had them (carded) - and gave them to me for free. I'd been looking for these for around a decade, but were always way too expensive or elusive. Holy nuts. The only other "old" basic figure I need is the Episode I R2-B1 and he has it, too. Sweet!

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    Hey Jabba,

    I don't suppose this cool boyfriend also has an extra sio bibble to throw around??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Marble View Post
    Hey Jabba,

    I don't suppose this cool boyfriend also has an extra sio bibble to throw around??
    I will definitely ask. He probably does, though. He said he's never missed a single figure in stores, and he's been frequenting the same ones we have and just a few others, so I don't know how that's even possible.

    As for new stuff, I've seen the Obi-Wan Delta Starfighter several times at Targets and own it now. I got the Vader/Leia, Leia/Xizor, and Talon/Thrawn packs at the Boulder Target yesterday. The Huron Target had the Yoda and clone pack, and the Longmont Target had the Obi-Wan set.

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    I have seen the new starfighter around but I am not sure I will pick it up yet. I am going through my figures and have decided to just collect the basic line of figures from now on and a few odds and ends that strike me from time to time. Vehicles I think will still be included though...

    I have been going through my collection to seperate out all of the "basic line" figures from the deluxe, battle pack, duplicate, and "other" figures. That has turned out to be a chore! Hopefully it will shrink down my current collection, give me some things to trade, and allow me to enjoy collecting Star Wars again without getting overloaded. There is just to much out there, good score on the comic packs Jabba!
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    I am nearly caught up for the year. Found a lone Quinlan Vos with Faie, but no Clone Emperor. Beside that I just need the 2 Target big exclusives and the Repainted Clone Tank. I love the new FX-6 and Grievous figures.


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