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    Got most of BD wave 4 for x-mas, also got cw dooku and asajj. I am still missing Stass Alli and FX-6 from wave 4. The stores around here and Loveland are cleaned out, which is to be expected right after the holiday shopping season. I found a Xixor/Leia and Thrawn comic packs a few weeks back, still no sign of vader/trachea luke/emperor or Quinlin/Faie, so the hunt continues!
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    Got a late X-mas present the other day from my parents, a hotel reservation and promise of a ticket to Starfest/Gamefest/Comicfest/Horrorfest (a bit heavy on the fests arient they?) So I am excited to get to go this year, they haven't announced any guests but they never dissapoint, well sometimes, but they have been doing good for the last several years. So I hope to see some of you there, I won't be in the costume contest this year due to lack of a new costume. I will however be in the Horror Trivia Contest (it'll be my 4th one) so come root for me if you wish, It is usually on sunday at 11 or so somewhere in the horrorfest hall... Nothing terribly exciting that I have found lately, Found the Durge/Anakin comic pack randomly at Wal-Mart. Other than that, nothing really.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    I found the long-delayed black pauldron Sandtrooper yesterday at the Target on 36 and Church Ranch Blvd. Still no sign of the Snowtroopers; I'm probably going to get a few more of those.

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    I went to the Church Ranch Target this morning and found the Clone Wars wave, THe new AT-TE set, and the new ARC trooper. No Snowtroopers. I also saw that they had 2 new exclusive I hadn't hears about. A teebo and Shock trooper mighty mugg. I don't collect that line so those were still there. It looked like they got two or three cases of the new clone wars wave, because they had several of each there. Still a lot left after me.

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    I got R3-S6 and the 212th Clone today at the Boulder Target. They had more of CW wave 3 and the new Legends wave, but no Snowtroopers here either. They also had some of those new Mighty Muggs, but not the ones you mentioned. They had a Snowtrooper and some other junk, for those interested.

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    So Starfest announced its first 2 guests over the last couple of days, and not too shabby thus far, Ethan Phillips and Robert Picardo from Star Trek Voyager. I am occificaly excited for this years celeb lineup (STAR WARS GUEST(S) PLEASE!!)
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    I got the rest of CW wave 4 today, which was at both the Huron and Boulder Targets. The Huron one also had a ton of the new Legends, including the Tri-Droid, but still no Snowtroopers. But now that they're $8 again, I doubt I'll be doing much army building anyway . . .

    Oh, and the Boulder one had the leftover sandstorm Luke and Grievous figures from the wave 5 shipments, but none of the new figures from that wave.

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    Cool Trek guests for StarFest. I need Picardo on my First Contact cast-signed poster so I'm happy bout that.
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    I picked up 2 more AT-TE squadron battle packs and the Red ARC commander today at Target on 287. Has anyone seen the ANH wave Legends BAD series?

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    They are out there!!

    I found the entire new wave of Legacy BAD figures this morning at the Boulder Target. I figured that with all the trouble I had finding that last Jawa in the anniversary collection the jawa would be the hardest to find, but he was there too.

    This is my favorite wave so far and the build a droid figures are the most colorful yet. Obi is amazing!!
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