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    Quote Originally Posted by ces View Post
    Hey Jabbajohn, they had several Pons at the newish Walmart on 287, the one further North of that Albertson's
    Thanks, I'll take a look tonight. I was just there yesterday and they didn't have anything!

    Today at the Huron Walmart I got the Luke/Emperor and Quinlan/Faie comic packs, which was the first time I'd seen them. I think they still have one of the Quinlan ones (and an Obi-Wan figure).

    EDIT: They had no Pons Limbics tonight. Oh well.

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    Hey Jabba,

    Check out the Boulder Target, they had all of the figures this morning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Marble View Post
    Hey Jabba,

    Check out the Boulder Target, they had all of the figures this morning.
    I'm generally fairly immobile when it comes to getting anywhere quick, what with living at the dorm and having no car (unless I'm home for a weekend or whatever). But maybe I'll head over tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up! Actually, if you see Pons Limbic and the Spacetrooper again soon, could you possibly hide them please? If not, don't worry.

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    Had to get some dinner so i decided to swing by wal-mart and check toys while I was there, and to my suprise they had the clone emperor/luke & Quinlin Vos/Commander Faie comic packs as well as Wiolesa, Brainiac, and Trinto Duba/Dice Ibegon figures, but no luke, han, obi, jawa, or space trooper (anybidy else seeing this pattern?) so now I am only missing Jawa and Spacetroop, not so bad really. **Update** I was putting my B.A.D. Together and it turns out my Obi Wan came with the incorrect leg, so poororange droid has 2 right feet...
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    My mom found Pons Limbic at the Westminster Target, so now all I need from wave 5 is the spacetrooper (two of them, actually).

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    i've yet to see anything new since christmas besides the target mighty muggs

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    I got the Spacetrooper today at the Boulder Target, where there was an absolute ton of wave 5. I also got the AT-TE battle pack, and they had at least one left.

    I also saw Fanboys at the Westminster AMC and really liked it. It's also playing at the Louisville 12 theater and somewhere in Golden; if you're near a theater, I would recommend it.

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    I finally got CW wave 3 at Northfield Target also found a Spacetrooper, so just missing the Jawa from wave 5, which is nice.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    I hit Wal-mart up today to see about there exclusive comic packs, since they were suppose to be out 03/01. I found all three. I like all of them, but the pilot one is by far the best. This is the first exclusive release of them that didn't bite. I may get duplicates of the Ewoks and Amanan sets for army builders.

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    I was shocked ot see them last week myself. I never find anything before L.A. let alone exclusives
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