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    Went down to denver on Saturday to house sit for my parents, drove to all of the retail stores in the area looking for the remaining ESB and CW toys I was missing, nada, picked up the scramble on yavin and Jabbas palace battle packs, they seem to be quite popular, and the figures are at least new or new ish. Went to target last night after work found a hoth trooper, no skirt, they had a lone emperor and blue ugnaut on shelf along with several yarnas and some of the re-packs with the BAD figure for the current ESB wave, so I think I just keep missing the rest of the wave by this much, but I shall carry on.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    i still have yet to see any evidence of new legacy figs

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    I was thinking that these last 2 wave had been the easiest to find in a long time. I keep running into them everywhere. I saw both the Legacy and Clone Wars figures at 2 different Targets today.

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    Found the last 2 ESB non variants at target today (capt needa and Luke) as well as a lone Kit Fisto CW figure, so pretty excited about that, other than that, nothing terribly exciting going on in Loveland.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    I got Kit Fisto at the Westminster Target (near Church Ranch Blvd.) today. They also had a few Coruscant Landing Platform clones, Imperial Engineers, Jawas, and Kashyyyk Troopers with the U-3PO parts, but no actual new figures from that wave. All the parts were silver, but I think I want the brass version that people are apparently finding at Walmart. Eh, well, I guess I'll just take anything . . .

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    I got the Vulture Droid and Magnaguard Fighter at the Westminster Target today, and I saw them at a few others. Still no wave 6 - at least not at the Westminster TRU, Target, or Walmart, or the Broomfield or Huron Targets. Damn.

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    Thanks, I will be on the lookout for these. My Target had no vehicles.

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    I forgot to mention here, but I got them for $19.99 and saw them for a few other prices, including $24.99, so you might want to shop around.

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    No sign of the ESB wave for me. Seen the Vulture Droid numerous places though. Want to get the Scramble on Yavin battlepack but I'm trying to cutback on the figures*

    *been concentrating on prop replicas, Gentle Giant and autographs which are costly enough.
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    found Luke/Rancor at target tonite so they are starting to ship.


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