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    Found the Rancor at Target on Parket & Arapahoe Rd. They had the remote control R2 units too.

    Also found single ESB figures at various Targets as well, but only targets. Saw Capt. Needa, Leia and the bearded Hoth Rebel Soldier.
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    Picked up the rancor at Loveland Target, now where to put it...
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    I read a report that the Episode 2 wave, mini-rigs/deluxe and new ARC-170 are starting to hit. I however have not seen any of this. I guess keep your eyes open.

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    Seems the Rancor is at all/most Targets now. I'm waiting in hopes that they clearence it a bit (which Target is known to do)
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    Got the ESB wave at Greatland Target today. They had one of each, so I was able to complete my droid in one fell swoop! Anyways, good wave.

    Just biding my time till Target marks down the Rancor or has a sale.
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    There will be a sale of many items from Dan Madsen's Star Wars and Star Trek collection next Saturday, June 27th, in Denver. I'll definitely be there!

    Dan Madsen Star Trek & Star Wars Collection Sale II
    Cheapo Discs 2162 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO
    Saturday, June 27th from 10am - 4pm

    At StarFest we had a sampling of items from Dan's collection available for you to purchase. It was an overwhelming success. However, because of the limited space we had there, we still have a lot more stuff to sell. We have a whole trailer load of items that are still boxed up to sell. Thanks to our friends at Cheapo Discs, we will be able to display even more stuff at the second edition of the sale. There is easily six times the space at Cheapo and therefore we’ll have six times the items for you to choose from (when compared to StarFest). We still won’t be able to bring down everything, but you’ll get to see a much better sampling of the collection items available.

    After the sale, we’ll be cataloging everything that isn’t sold so it can be offered online. We are really hoping that you will make our job easier by coming to the sale and buying everything we bring to the DMSTSW Collection Sale II. Please tell your friends and come on down to look at the collection - it's really incredible. We'll make sure that you don't leave empty handed and we will have free stuff and prizes to give away during the sale.

    We have been friends with Dan Madsen for over 25 years. We knew Dan when he was still running the Star Trek Fan Club out of his parents' basement. In fact, I remember visiting him once at his parent's home and being amazed at how much stuff he had crammed into such a small area. There were pictures, posters, files and other 'treasures' strewed everywhere. Dan had just finished doing an interview for the Star Trek Fan Club magazine and he was all excited about getting it ready for the next issue. Dan has always loved Star Trek and it certainly shows - based on all the work he's done for the show over the years. In 1982, Dan received a call from Paramount Studios and Gene Roddenberry. They wanted him to run the Official Star Trek Fan Club.

    Gratefully, Dan accepted and as they say, the rest is fandom history. His enthusiasm and professionalism made the Star Trek Fan Club a great information source for Star Trek Fans everywhere. At one time the magazine had over 105,000 subscribers. That’s pretty incredible for a magazine that started out in a basement!

    In 1987, because of the great work Dan had done with Star Trek, he was approached by LucasFilm to run their official fan club. First covering all things LucasFilm, Dan went on to publish the Official Star Wars and the Star Wars Insider magazines. Dan has also published several other genre magazines including: Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Willow and Lord of the Rings.

    One of the highlights for us, was working with Dan on the first Star Wars Celebration, held in Denver in May of 1999. It rained so much that weekend we jokingly referred to the festival amongst ourselves as DagobahCon!
    Over the years, Dan amassed a very large collection of Star Trek and Star Wars items. If one can imagine, it has reached the point of becoming a burden to store. Dan approached us about helping him sell the collection with the promise that the items would go to fans that would care about them as much as he did, when he was collecting them.

    Check out the Dan Madsen collection and treat yourself to a piece of Star Trek/Star Wars history.
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    I'd really like to attend, however I will be out of town. D'oh!
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    The new vehicles are out.

    I just picked up the new Republic Tank at the Superior Super Target the other day. It is a nice little vehicle for the price and heavy in the box compared to the vulture droid.
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    Thanks to your tip, I got Anakin's Jedi Starfighter there today. They had some repackaged vehicles in the red box as well as some repackaged Saga Legends (so did the Flatiron Crossing Walmart), but none of the Fighter Tank.
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    My Star Wars Fan Film: The Lazy Jedi

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    Targets are starting to clearance Evolutions sets. Found several discounted sets in Aurora and Co Springs the other day. Also saw Unleashed packs *yawn* clearanced too. Look like they're getting ready for new product.

    Also saw GI Joe movie figures at Target as well.
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