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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Jax View Post
    JJL (or anyone else that knows) -
    i've got my GH in storage currently. are the new packages new figures or just repacks? i know they've got clear sabers now, but aside from that they all look very familiar.
    Sorry, I know next to nothing about that line.

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    Thanks JJL. guess i'll just have to dig them out and see for myself what the prior sculpts were. be fun to see the little guys again.

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    I've had quite the haul over the last few days! First, I got the deluxe Turbo Tank Support Squad and Clone Trooper with BARC Speeder at the Huron (Northeast Westminster). Then I got the Vulture's Claw battle pack at the nearby Target, and later Mace Windu at the Lafayette Walmart. I spotted and got the big mother, the Clone Turbo Tank, at the Superior Target, along with the Clone Troopers with Jet Backpacks, Clone Trooper Denal, and the Jedi Training on Dagobah battle pack. There is quite a ton of stuff out there, and it's all awesome!

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    I picked up the turbo tank on the way home today. I also found the new comic packs too.

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    i'm undecided on the turbo tank. wheeled vehicles just don't seem star wars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Jax View Post
    i'm undecided on the turbo tank. wheeled vehicles just don't seem star wars.
    The Turbo Tank is awesome and every home should have one. There, I just made up your mind for you.

    I got the ARC-170, Crab Droid, and Armored Scout Tank at the Broomfield Target today, for the low low price of almost $105, making this a very expensive couple of weeks for me (and really any collector, I'll bet). They also had these at the Targets on Huron and on 120th.

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    in kansas for several days visiting the folks. of course i'll be making a toy run or two while i'm here. see if maybe being outside colorado will allow me to see anything new (in the old packaging) since it never seemed to show up on my side of denver.

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    I seem to be getting to stores lately after they have been picked over. I only need a few things to be caught up. Not too worried as I got a vast amjority of the new stuff really quick and easy. Still have not seen the Deluxe AT-TE troopers and the Kyle Kartan Comic pack.

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    I found the turbo tank support trooper deluxe pack at Target today.

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    Nothing new on the figure front (still looking for Cad Bane), but is anyone else going to Star Wars: In Concert at the Pepsi Center? I'll be at the 7:00 show and I'm really looking forward to it!


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