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    I saw Cad Bane last week. Really skinny figure (as most of the CW figures seem to be). I'm still waiting for the Target Rancor to go on clearance.

    Havnt picked up too much by way of figures. I have a TON of high-end projects going on. Almost too much.
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    I got Commander Ponds and the overpriced Hailfire Droid with Grievous at the Westminster TRU and the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid at the Broomfield Target today. TRU has reset with a big Clone Wars display in the same place as it was last year, though there wasn't a whole lot of new stuff (the regular aisle is still up as well). They restocked the Falcon and AT-TE for whatever reason. More and more stores are clearing out the pegwarmers as well - the Westminster and Broomfield Targets each had one Yarna, but that was it in the way of old pegwarmers (though there were still a few white-card figures, like several IG-86s).

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    Quite a huge haul today - Ambush packs, Octuptarra, and Evolutions sets at the Flatiron Crossing Walmart, and Wedge's X-wing at the Superior Target. New stuff aplenty!

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    I need those evolution packs. I found the X-wing and Droid. Walmart exclusives have really gotten expensive for what they are.

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    I'll probably get the Pilot evolution set. I'm a sucker for the pilots. Got a bunch of signed items in the mail this week -gonna get them organized today.
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    popped into walmart on my home from school, they had put up new endcaps near the SW stuff, looked to be CW and Saga Legends, none of the TPM wave, they had none of the Droid Factory 2 packs that i could find, but had the CW 2 packs (yoda/Jel, Thire/Rys) picked those up as well as Commander Gree and Denal, have yet to see a Cad Bane ANYWHERE so i figured Clone Troops would go off the shelves second fast, since i've seen everything else about a million times.
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    Cad Bane

    I have only seen Cad Bane twice. Once the day he came out, and again just yesterday. I am still looking for the evolution sets and 2 packs.

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    I got the Y-wing, cop alliance tank, and remnents of the new legacy wave. All of the TPM figs were gone except the Maul and and Scout Trooper. I couldn't tell if they were new or not, so grabbed them anyway. I have seen the 4 clone War 2 packs at many Walmarts.

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    Found the Wedge X-Wing yesterday finally. Neat set but I'll pass until it gets clearanced. The number of projects I'm working on don't seem to be going down!
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Yet another good haul today - Imperial V-wing and the new comic packs at the Westminster TRU, and the TPM wave at the Westminster Target (on Church Ranch). The Broomfield Target had some, but not all, of the wave, and both had a few of the repacks (Han, Luke, Jawa, Spacetrooper, Biker Scout, but no sign of Maul).


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