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    I got it too, minus Cody. I think he is going to be the hardest to get.

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    I hit 4 Wal-marts on the way home from work this morning. Three of them had the entire ROTS wave, all minus Cody. I also found the Dewback. No sign of the AT-ST for Me. I was hoping to find it before I left the country today. Hopefully there will be some left when I come back next week.

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    picked up some new figures at Wal-Mart loveland, they had utai, agen, plo, and colton of the ROTS wave, they also had the han and R2 from the ANH wave with the incorrect droid part...
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    Cinderella city WM had an endcap with the AT-ST and Dewback. found remnants of the latest Legacy wave as well (han, utai, colton, R2).

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    Got a mild score today at Loveland Wal-Mart, they had a Commander Cody (ROTS) AND a Cad Bane! finally I have that damned Cad Bane, just lookin for the Concept IG-88 and I'll be done with the wave, Cody and IG may be the ones to get of this wave.
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    Found loads of AT-STs at Super Wal-Mart on Hampden today. Didnt get one though.

    Picked up several figures at Wal-Mart on Abeline in Aurora yesterday. Scored Boba Fett, Captain Colton, X-Wing Luke and McIG-88. They also had ANH Han and Cody but passed on them. The Han is pretty lame.
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    Went on a small run to wal-mart and target today, Wal-Mart continues to carry the bulk of the ROTS wave sans the ever elusive (to me) Mc-IG-88, they had another Cad Bane today, I think he's finally being packed with new waves, So I have all of ROTS less IG, stopped by Target, found the ENTIRE ANH wave, the only short packed figs are the Imperial Scanner, and Concept Ki-Adi, which were the only figs i picked up they didn't have doubles of. Picked those up, pretty cool wave, han and R2 are a bit boring, but they have to throw in some recognizable characters I suppose.
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    found the clones evolutions and octuparra droid at a WM on the east side of town. the WM closest to me never carries any of the exclusives.

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    The Huron Walmart had several Dewbacks and one AT-ST today. The AT-ST's chin gun had fallen off in the package, so it looked a little weird.
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    Loveland Wal-Mart finally had the McIg-88 so I'm all caught up with the current waves...til ESB and EU come out
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