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    Starfest finally announced some guests (via facebook) Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi Star Trek TNG) and Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar)
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    I haven't found much of anything for a while. I am seeing more of the Resurgence of the Jedi battle packs. I have seen remnants of the ESB wave, mainly the Bespin Guard and Woodrow. I think he is going to be a huge peg-warmer if this wave ever hits in force. I know a lot of fans wanted him, but to me he is a bit of a joke. He really has to be one of the most obscure side characters ever made. I remember when the on-line petitions started, I thought it was some kind of joke. The ESB wave has to be one of the slowest waves to be distributed. I started to hear rumbling in November and finally saw parts of it for the first time at the very beginning of December, and have never seen more that one case on the shelf at a time. Hopefully Target will get it soon.

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    not finding anything on the shelves is gonna become standard as we go into hibernation mode and don't get new product for months.

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    Guess I spoke too soon. My local Wal-mart had at least 3 cases of the ESB wave today. SO I guess they are starting to hit in bulk. I am now caught up for a few days, though it looks like the new Clone Wars deluxe and 2 new waves of regular figures are starting to ship from on-line etailers.

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    Havnt found anything worth mentioning in a while. But thats ok, cause I have lots of projects in thw works so I don't mind the downtime.

    I saw a commercial for IKEA a few days ago and there's a rumor that they will finally be opening in Centennial this May. I desperatly need display cases. What does everyone else use?
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    I got a snowtrooper at the Westminster TRU today. There were some other figures from the ESB wave as well, which was the first time I had seen them from Christmas or even heard of them being at a TRU (to my knowledge).
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    I found the new wave of deluxe figures today at my local Walmart. They had two of each of Anakin, Cody, and Barc.

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    Found CW Hondo, Aayla and Bly at Greatland Target yesterday. They restocked other CW figures with the Nadar Vebb offer as well.
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    I have hit 6 Targets in the past few days and unfortunately I arrived after all of the new CW figures were gone. Only the older figures with the stickers on front mocking me, letting me know that I am too late.

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    I hit three Targets on my way home this morning. Everyone had the new Clone Wars wave. These Targets had previously gotten it in earlier in the week too. If you are interested in this wave then I would check your Targets today. Also found two new Galactic Hero Cinematic Scenes. The Attack on Ryloth and the Y-Wing


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