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    The Westminster TRU had a ton of new stuff today. They had at least one of every Vintage figure except for Luke and Boba, with two each of Han, Leia, Vader, Dengar, and the Cloud Car Pilot; I had to pass since the $9.99 price without any sales is a killer. They had several of the new-packaged Saga Legends and Clone Wars, but nothing actually new there. There were several each of the new deluxe wave (Anakin, Plo, Cad Bane) and I got one of each. They also had some role-play stuff in the new box, like blasters and Grievous' spinning lightsabers. There was also one RC Hailfire Droid, which looked pretty cool but, again, I passed for now.
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    Finally new stuff is hitting Target! I got a ton of stuff at the Huron Target today, which had reset and restocked. I got all of the Vintage figures except for Han, AT-AT Commander, and Boba, none of which they had; there were still a few left of Vader, C-3PO, and the Cloud Car Pilot. I also got Pre Vizsla, as there was a healthy lot of newly packaged Clone Wars figures; among the actual new stuff, there were some Grievous and Mando Police Officers, but no Aurra. I also got the new Clone Wars battle packs - Droids and Clones and Anti-Hailfire Droid Squad. So forget the damn street date!
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    I went to Target and got almost everything new. There figures are much cheaper than TRU so I am happy I waited. Also they have all the new vehicles and Battle Packs on sale for roughly $20. I ended up saving $30 on them based on the regular Target price. A lot more based on TRU price. I 6 Targets. All of them have stuff out, but every single one was sold out on Pre Vizla. He will be the figure to find I guess. He is in the next several waves so I am sure I will eventually find him. I also need the Jabba from Walmart. I am not certain if I will get the K-mart exclusive. I hate that place that much. I would rather wait and find it on ebay. Maybe I will wait until others find it and go there. I just can't drag myself to the nasty store trying to find a figure I am not that interested in.

    Has anyone seen or heard of Jabba hitting Colorado yet?

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    I got Boba at the Superior Target, thus completing the ESB wave. There were a few other Bobas there as well, which was odd/good as he's been eluding me so far and I expected him to be rare. I also got a snowtrooper, as he's apparently ever so slightly different from the other versions, and I can never get enough of those bad boys. Oh, and I guess I didn't say, but I got the AT-AT Commander, Han, Aurra Sing, and the Battle Droid two-pack a few days ago at the Target on 120th.

    No Jabba yet at the 136th, Flatiron, or Lafayette Walmarts. None of them have any of the new stuff yet, aside from the vehicles.
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    I finally got the Hoth Assault battle pack at the Target on 36th and Church Ranch. It looked like they had stocked some stuff and sold through most of it already; there were only two Vintage figures, and an endcap with some Clone Wars figures, in addition to a scant few other items.

    Westminster TRU had one and only deluxe Obi-Wan with BARC Speeder, which I got. No Mando yet.

    The Broomfield Kmart reset and had pegs for the new stuff ($8.99 for Vintage, $8.49 for Legends and Clone Wars, so perhaps not as bad as I feared) as well as pegs for Jodo Kast. I asked an employee if they had any in back, but he said they had only just reset and wouldn't be getting stuff in for a few days.
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    So I guess the deluxe Obi and Mando are hitting now. I wasn't even looking for those yet. I did find a Pre Vizsla though. I think I am nearly caught up with the exception of Jabba and the two other deluxes. I am sure Obi won't be hard to find, but that Mando with be very difficult.

    John, will you post if you find the Jodo Kast? I need to kind the K-mart up in Broomfield.

    I guess I am responsible for getting most the figures at the Church Ranch Target. That is where I found a majority of mine.

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    ces, the employee said to check back on Wednesday. I'll be in Orlando next week for CV so I won't be looking, but it might be worth a shot. There were three pegs for just Jodo Kast, so I'm not too worried about finding him.
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    I'll also be in Orlando for C5. Got all my photos and posters for autographs packed and ready. Just a few more days of work and I leave Tuesday morning.

    I have fireproofed my wallet as best I can.
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    Clone Wars Wave 2

    I found the super-articulated Mace Kit Fisto, ARF, and battle droid commander today at the Southland's Wal-mart. No signs of Jabba or the 2nd wave of the deluxe figures.

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    Welcome back to all who went to celebration. How was it? You didn't miss much here. I was able to find the Wal-mart exclusive Jabba. Wal-mart also has the Wave 2 of the Deluxe line out.


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