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    Picked up Jodo Kast at K-Mart off colfax and chambers, they had about 8 left, so if you still needed one they have some left. Picked up clone trooper Braa at target by the a-mall, they had a quinlin voss and undead geonosian as well
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    Havn't seen anything new for a while. On the lookout for the Vintage ANH mixed and AOTC waves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayspawn View Post
    Havn't seen anything new for a while. On the lookout for the Vintage ANH mixed and AOTC waves.
    I'm with you there. I've stopped at multiple stores lately and no signs of anything. I'll be checking out many more this weekend and hopefully something will turn up.

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    Well, things are lookin' up already. I found the new Clone Wars wave (Obi-Wan, Cad Bane, Hevy, R7-A7) at two different Targets (the one on 120th and the one on 144th). At the Lafayette Walmart, I found the new 212th Clone Trooper and Stormtrooper from Vintage wave 5, and repacked figures without the sticker indicated that they got two cases in but sold the rest of the figures before I got there.

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    I have been hitting several Targets and Walmarts but have found nothing. Hopefully this means I will see something soon.

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    The Huron Walmart also got in wave 5 - about five cases, it seems, given the remnants. I found and got Luke, R5-D4, and Gree; they still had stormtrooper, the 212th clone, and the recarded Endor Capture Luke, and a ton of the repacks without the Boba Fett sticker.

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    I found the wave 5 vintage at the Walmart at Tower roads

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    I found the new Clone Wars wave at Target on Church Ranch Road. No Heavy though.

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    The new Clone Wars wave is now hitting Target. I found Hevy at the Southlands Walmart. They are about $1 cheaper than Target now. I still need to find AOTC wave and a few of wave 5


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