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    I got the new deluxe figure and vehicle sets at TRU near I-25 and Highway 7 - well, three of them, as Grievous was nowhere to be found. Targets keep getting in the new Saga Legends as well, but the spacetrooper is gone every time.

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    I got the new Y-wing at the TRU in Westminster yesterday. There was shelf space at the one near I-25 and Highway 7 but they had sold out there; there was one left in Westminster after I got mine.

    Oh, and the next wave of Vintage three-packs was at the Boulder Target. They had no TVC basic figures whatsoever, so hopefully they'll get in some soon.

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    Much like Dark Marble a week ago, I found wave 7 at the Superior Target today - well, four of the six, as the Rebel Fleet Trooper and ARC Trooper Commander were nowhere to be found. They've also reset for a bunch of new Star Wars stuff (not much was stocked aside from Clone Wars and Saga Legends) and finally got rid of the pegwarming Dengars and 4-LOMs. Hallelujah! I know other Targets are also resetting, so hopefully they'll chuck the pegwarmers as well. Now it's only a matter of time before everything starts flowing again.

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    Continuing the "holy crap, they're finally releasing new product" trend, I got the Rebel Transport Speeder, Separatist Speeder, Attack Cycle with Grievous, and Stealth Operations Clone Trooper at the I-25/Highway 7 TRU. They also had one each of the Blu-ray commemorative packs.

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    The republic attack shuttles and the new lightsabers are out at Superior Super Target. Boulder Target also reset and they are putting out new toys. All of the Targets should be moving their toys to 75% off and doing their toy resets. New stuff is out there!!
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    The East side of town is dead. I did find a clone Deluxe set and Hunt for Grievous 3 pack but that was it.

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    Superior Target is the one that keeps on giving, as I found three of the new Clone Wars battle packs there today (Defend Kamino is the only one they didn't have). They also had the RC Republic Fighter Tank, and at least some of every other product they were supposed to. They also had a Bespin Han, meaning they keep getting in wave 7.

    Huron Target reset as well but still had tons of Dengar, Cloud Car Pilot, and 4-LOM on the pegs. They also had a new SW endcap but not a whole lot of stuff had been restocked. Nevertheless, I got the Saga Legends spacetrooper there (and another stormtrooper for good measure).

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    I found all of the CW Battle packs at the Parker Target. Also got all of the mini-rigs except for the Y-Wing. I have not found any signs of the Vintage wave on my side of town, but I head to work tomorrow on the North West side of the metro-area so maybe I will luck out.

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    Headed to Aurora TRU hoping to find the new battle packs (TFU II, Republic Commando) no such luck, and this TRU does include the Vintage collection in the 2 for 10.99 sale, unfortunetly they have not gotten anything pas the ESB wave, and no new CW figures except the new exclusive Covert ops Clone Trooper, which they had a peg full of, so if you were looking for that one, it's out there. Not much i've seen in wuite a while at any store, which is a bit disappointing.
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    I got the Defend Kamino battle pack last night at the Walmart on I-25 and 104th, so now I'm all caught up on those. They had some of the others, but not the Grievous set. They also had the first new wave of the figure and vehicle sets, so even though no new Vintage, they're finally getting in some new stuff.


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