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    I have done well with the battle packs. I am completely caught up on those. I just need the new VIntage wave that everyone is finding, and the elusive Wedge. I also have found all of the mini rigs at various Targets and Walmarts.

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    I saw the mini-rig Y-wing Scout Bomber at the 120th and Sheridan Walmart and the Church Ranch Target, and got it at the former. Both had reset, as had the Broomfield Target; none had any new Vintage, though the Church Ranch Target had remnants of a few wave 7 cases.

    The Westminster TRU had gotten in some of the battle packs, deluxe sets, and the like, but are still completely devoid of Saga Legends, Clone Wars, and any Vintage past wave 1, so the 2-for-$10.99 deal wouldn't be any good there. I did get two Senate Guards and 4 TVC AOTC clones at the TRU on I-25 and Highway 7 yesterday, so it's not all bad.

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    Thanks to the Target on 120th and Washington resetting, I got the ARC Trooper Commander and Rebel Fleet Trooper, thus completing wave 7 for me. The case was otherwise untouched as of about half an hour ago.

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    I found Bom Vimdin and Barriss Offee at the Church Ranch Target. It seems like only the west side is getting new figures. I have seen even remnants on the East side

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    The Huron Walmart restocked with a full case of the AOTC wave, so I got a Mace and Jango to keep carded. They were looking a little low on TCW figures, so hopefully the Savage waves will hit soon.

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    I am sending off for 3 prototype Fetts today. You can get the redemption form on the Hasbro page.

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    I decided to go ahead and get the Vintage Special Action Figure sets today, or at least the second set of three. Target has them on sale for $17.99 so I thought, eh, what the hell.

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    I had hoped that with the release of the Blu-rays and the cartoon starting up we would be seeing a big push of products, but so far niente for me.

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    The TRU on I-25 and Highway 7 reset with the big SW display out front a few weeks ago, and so did the Westminster one. Last time I was there, the former was full of figures from all three lines (but nothing new), the exclusive sets, and new vehicles. The latter had barely anything, including absolutely no Clone Wars or Saga Legends figures. It's pretty sad.

    The Huron Walmart had several new aisle displays, one of which had a lot of Vintage wave 5 but nothing newer. I assume other Walmarts are similar.

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    Nothing new for me in terms of finding anything new or interesting in stores.

    Lots of SW projects going on though. I'm going to SW Fan Days in Dallas if anyone here needs help with anything....
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett


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