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    I broke down and ordered the ARC trooper from I should have known better. It arrived yesterday in a bubble envelope and was completely crushed. I forgot that about them. I was balancing my check book and saw that Hasbro cashed my checks for the Proto-Boba about two weeks ago. Hopefully that means he is on his way. I have found nothing new except pegs full of the first mixed wave. The Wal-mart have taken down their Blu-ray caps and now they pegs are overflowing with old Clone Wars figures.

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    I found a new ARC trooper with Flying board thingy today at teh Westminster TRU. They are taking down the big front area now. I think it's funny that all of these places did these huge resets but never put out new stuff.

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    MyProto Boba arrived in the mail.

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    I hit 4 Targets on the way home today and everyone had the Savagge wave in-stock.

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    After huge delays I am starting to see a lot more new stuff hitting stores. I saw the remains of the latest Vintage figures. Mainly only Revenge of the Jedi figures, but a lone B-wing pilot was at the Boulder Target. I have also seen bits and pieces of new Clone Wars figures. Nothing from the last wave though. All at Targets. Nothing new at TRU or Walmart.

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    The Target on Colorado Blvd. had a few new things, including a Captain Rex that I got. I left the Search for Luke Skywalker and Han's Tauntaun there. No landspeeder or anything else new (aside from some of those bobbleheads, but eh).
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    I found a Sepias figure at the Target in Boulder. I just need the last waves of the vintage and Clone Wars and the ever elusive Wedge. I think Wedge will be waiting until next year when he is rereleased. I noticed they are now showing the black Endor Trooper on the backs of cards now.

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    Hasbro said at NYCC this last week that Wedge will be out through 2012, so that's good.

    I've found the new Tauntaun (single) and Landspeeder at Target. Both look great but I'll pass on the prices. The original POTF2 Landspeeder cost $9.99. NO way it's worth a $15 price increase without a pack-in figure.
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    Found the Tauntaun battlepack at Greatland Target in Aurora. Still NO sign of Vintage figures for me.
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    The Boulder Target had all of the vintage figures this morning. I had already found Ponda and the Hoth Rebel so I picked up the lone Shan that was there. I also picked up the Search for Luke battle pack and Luke's Taun Taun on Sunday. So, i am guessing that besides the shuttle which I am still on the fence about I am done for the year...
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