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    I'm sure some stuff will leak early for 2012 around Christmas time.

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    The Huron Target had the three exclusives in good supply, and had finally gotten rid of the Dengars, 4-LOMs, and other pegwarmers. Lukes of the Endor Capture and Death Star Escape variety were present with the new Boba Fett stickers, meaning new stuff had shown up. Clone Wars remnants were there as well, including a lone new Captain Rex.

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    Been a while since I've been shopping for SW toys, but I'm finally back in the game. The Walmart on Tower had a fresh restock of the "Revenge of the Jedi" wave, as well as one set of the newest wave; Ponda, Bastila, and Echo Base troop. picked up ponda and bastila, passing on the echo troop for now. Target by a-mall had a couple of Savage Opress's, got one of those and a Commander woolfe. Sent away for concept boba fett today. Toys r us off Mississippi still doesn't have the Force unleashed or republic commando sets, which is rather irritating.
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    I just picked up the black Rebel Commando and Savage CW59 at the Boulder Target. I also got one more Tie Fighter pilot and the Slave Leia on the Revenge Card. Boulder Target seems to be the place for figures right now which is good because they were completely dry between December and about September. It was the longest run I have ever seen them go without getting anything.

    So, unless there is some other variations coming out or 2012 stuff hits early I am done again...again.
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    Lame, I was just there yesterday. I guess I will swing by real quick. I just need the Tie Pilot, Trooper and final clone Wars wave.

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    I got the Republic AV-7 Mobile Cannon today at the Walmart on Sheridan and 92nd. I hadn't seen one since I passed on it at TRU two months ago, so I'm glad I got it.

    I went to a bunch of stores today, and pretty much all of them had either gotten in new Vintage or Clone Wars stuff, leaving mostly remnants behind. Hopefully I don't miss anything before the January reset.

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    I found the two Wal-mart exclusives yesterday at the Walmart near I-70 and I think Tower. Thanks to Jay, I am finally finished for the year.

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    Amazon has the republic shuttle on sale for the next hour for around $20

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    Did some rounds today, scored Even Piell, Chewy, and savage v2, as well as commander colt at northfield target, they also had plo koons astromech, rocket pack rex, and pilot plo koon which I passed on for the moment, they had no new vintage, and pleanty of the taun taun packs. Stopped by TRU on mississippi finally got the force unleashed 2 figure pack, when I left they still had one of those and 2 of the republic commando packs. All in all a good day.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    The Walmart on Colfax and Wadsworth had two each of the exclusive deluxe sets, several of the Ultimate Gift Pack, and some remnants from wave 8 including Revenge Leia, some TIE Fighter Pilots, and the black Rebel Commando. No new Clone Wars, though.


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