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    I found the exclusive figures last night at the Walmart down 136th. They also had the vulture droid and the dew back. I was hoping to find the droids last night but no luck. Mawhonic (sp?) is so cute. I didn't realize he was that small!
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    I got everything from the Discover the Force subline except for the Royal Starship Droids at the Walmart on Colfax and Wadsworth. They had plenty of it thanks to the island display that they just kind of stuck in the toy section. Then I got the droids set at the store on 6th and Wadsworth, though it was the only one. That store had far fewer of everything, and no display that I could see. It had been a while since I dropped over $200 on Star Wars figures in a single day, so it was about time!

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    The Starfest lineup is starting off strong, now we shall see how difficult it's going to be to find the Art Asylum Commander Riker that's not the "all good things" nor the unbearded one in the command chair...
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    I got the last Legacy of Terror DVD set at the TJ Maxx on the 16th Street Mall. There were no Brain Invaders sets, and the cashier said he had sold about 30 of them already. The nearby Ross didn't have anything, and the TJ Maxx on Church Ranch Boulevard didn't have the sets, though I did get a $5 TVC Super Battle Droid, so that's something (they also had Mace and Zam). Hopefully these sets will keep showing up and not just get hoarded by scalpers.

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    Hot diggity damn dog! I just scored the rest of the ROTJ deleted scenes wave and all six wave 2 Movie Heroes figures at the Walmart on 104th thanks to them bringing out cases of each when I was there. There was another light-up saber Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon on the pegs, and a second Maul in the case, plus a Cracken (who I already had) soon to be on the pegs. Every other Walmart I visited today (and I hit several) had the leftover TPM Vintage figures that are shipping with the ROTJ wave, so they're definitely hitting.

    Target's 50% off yielded several army builders for me - three TVC Battle Droids, 1 TVC SBD, 2 STAPs, 1 AAT, and 1 Sith Speeder. None of the Targets I hit had anything new, but the sale seems to have mercifully thinned out the older products at most stores.

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    It appears that the ROTJ deleted scenes wave has finally hit, and in ample supply. Got Mon Calimari Pilot and Col. Cracken at the Tower Walmart, headed to TRU on Mississippi they had a full set of them, and finally Exposition Walmart had a couple of sets when I was there, all in all a good day, also scored the LEGO shop/TRU exclusive Batman LEGO set which they had several of still when I left.
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    Finally out of half awake mode coming off Starfest, all in all a good show, a few hiccups with the Jewel Staite autograph sessions, but it eventually got rectified, the steam punk invasion was a bit strange, but I guess you gotta give the people what they want. Ran over to comicfest Friday night, there was a wedding reception going on at the hotel also so that was interesting. Got 4 of the 7 autographs offered, so line waiting was the name of the game on Saturday, all the guests were very nice, but generally speaking that's my experience. If the invited guests for next year do come, I can see the chaos already, Patrick Stewart and Stan Lee, should probly book my room now and start waiting in line, Bruce Campbell is another fav and has a decent chance of drawing a crowd, we shall see though.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    I found the Malgus wave this morning at the Boulder Target and got all five figures. It was a nice surprise to find something new on the pegs.
    "Not again, Obi Wan is going to kill me."

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    I just picked up the class I Republic Assault Submarine with Scuba Clone Trooper and Attack Recon Fighter with Anakin at the Walmart on 104th and Grant. They also had some of Movie Heroes wave 2, and a Bom Vimdin with the Darth Maul sticker, meaning they got in wave 4 and I missed the good stuff. At least it's shipping.


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