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    Decided to pop into the Exposition Walmart after work, and I scored some new toys (it's been a while) Got Dr. E, Aayla, CW Ani, Wedge, and Kithaba, so it's nice to see things showing up again, I may stop by Toys R Us tomorrow, and see what they have (if anything)
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    I hit several stores on Wadsworth and then coming back up Hampden and Santa Fe - most stores had nothing, but I did finally get Darth Malgus and the Imperial Navy Commander at the Belmar Target. Woohoo! They had the entire wave 3 case, so Vader, TCW Anakin, and Hoth Luke were still there, along with all the TPM carry-forwards (and some crusty old Endor Rebel Commandos). I guess I should have looked in this thread earlier and gone up to the Exposition Walmart, but oh well.

    Now the only 2012 Vintage figure I need (aside from the Tarkin wave, though I don't think that's hit retail) is the 501st clone trooper . . . though The Clone Wars wave 3 eludes me as well.

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    The Kmart on 104th, a few blocks east of I-25 (which I almost never go to), had gotten in a case of wave 4. It was the original and not the revision, so no Wedge or 501st clone. But I did get another Rebel Fleet Trooper and Gamorrean Guard there on Saturday. They had everything else from the wave aside from Nom Anor and the repacked ARC Trooper Commander.

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    I found an entire, unopened case of the Tarkin wave at the Walmart on 104th last night . . . and the figures wouldn't scan and they refused to sell them to me or hold onto them, saying all I could do was call the manager the next day and maybe she'd be able to override the system (like they usually do). I said that the figures would likely be gone by then, but the shift manager said that nobody else would be able to buy them, either, so I wouldn't have to worry. Surprise, surprise! My mom stopped by there today, found Odd Ball, and somebody else had gotten the other four and gotten an override, like I knew would happen. At least I got Odd Ball. But the figures not being in Walmart's system is really getting frustrating . . . if the employees weren't so incompetent and anal, I'd have all of them right now. I guess I should have stashed them, but the employees had them by that point . . .

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    There are five new Walmart Neighborhood Markets that have opened in the Denver area over the last few weeks; I had no idea they even existed until today, when I went for a toy run around Aurora (the only thing I got was a second Imperial Navy Commander at the TRU on Mississippi and I-225, which had Vader, Hoth Luke, and TCW Anakin, but no Malgus). These new stores are basically more grocery stores than just regular Walmart, but they do have a very small toy section that nevertheless has a Star Wars selection pretty similar in size to their regular stores. The one on Parker had Kithaba and three of the repacks from that case, along with Clone Wars wave 2. Since they're new stores and carrying Star Wars stuff, it might be worth it to check these every now and again.

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    Took your advice and checked out the Walmart Neighborhood Market on 48th and Chambers on my way home from work, scored Nom Anor, Bespin Han, Bariss, and the Black Bandana Kilhaba, it looked like they got just one case of Vintage figs, when I left they still had Dr. E, G. Guard, and Rebel Fleet Troop, no ARC troopers or Wedge. On a side note I also picked up the elusive Avengers movie Black Widow there as well.
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    Hmm... That's weird. What Walmart on 104th? I didn't know there WAS one. Thanks for the Neighborhood Walmart tip. I'll be sure to hit those.

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    Did a bit of running around this morning, Hit Up I225 & Mississippi Toys R Us, attempting to take advantage of the figure sale, came out with the ANH Vader from the Malgus wave. Hit some more spots to no avail, final stop at Tower Rd. Walmart yielded A Tarkin, Oddball, Nikto, and Hoth Luke. After such a long time of staring at the TPM figures it's nice to finally be playing catchup with the 2 newest waves, just missing the EU figs and the Naval Commander.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jadydangel View Post
    Hmm... That's weird. What Walmart on 104th? I didn't know there WAS one. Thanks for the Neighborhood Walmart tip. I'll be sure to hit those.
    It's the one on Grant St. in Thornton. I think it's closer to 100th, but I always take the 104th exit from I-25 to get there.

    Welcome to the boards! Are you a new collector, new to the area, or just having been silently watching our tips and getting the good stuff before we can get there?

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    As a side note to my recent Walmart/Walmart Neighborhood Market trips the new figures have been coming up as "unknown SKU" At the Tower Walmart I almost got a "We can't sell this to you", I offered to grab another figure with a SKU that would work (A Naboo Royal Guard) and we could do it that way, fortunately they agreed. At the Neighborhood Market one of the figures did ring up properly so they just used it, as a caution maybe grab a TPM figure just in case they try to not sell new figures to you.
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