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    Dang, that is just sucky, you were in a hasbro commercial, and you paid to do it, and these webmasters got to see that stuff early, for free, AND get a free figure which the fan club re-sold for 12 bucks!
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    Hey Jay, I flew, so this waste of a trip cost me about $1000. I was hoping to get more figures to bring back for people who could not go, but I could not handle standing in that line again. In retrospect, I would gladly pay a scalper $100 dollars for it. Way cheapper and a lot less time spent standing in line. It was like Disney land in hell. We were jocking in line that we were basically paying to stand in line.
    I wrote the fan club to let them know what happened and asked them to help fix the situation. They probably won't but we'll see.
    Also, did you guys hear that the new waves of collection I and II are out in many states and in England, so we should be seeing them at any time now.
    I talked to the Hasbro reps while I was visiting hell and they told me that the figures that we saw on the poster should all be available through summers end, and that there were several more on the way. They also said that they threw in the rebel soldier disguised as a biker scout in the latest fan choice as kind of a joke since people are always asking for obsure figures. They decided that this was the most obscure of them all.
    Ephant Mon (however you spell his name) is huge, I don't know how they are going to get him on a regular card. I thought for sure that he would be a deluxe figure, but they said he was part of the basic collection.
    I also was able to buy a vinyl version of TPM OST. To get it, you had to buy all four of the E-II CD's. I now have an extra of the Yoda cover if anybody is intrested in buying or trading for it.

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    Wal-mart off Abeline has several Yodas, Hangar Duel Anakins, Taun We, and Luminara. I only saw two Red guards, I bought one and handed the other to another man who was looking through the pegs. They also did not have any Count Dooku.

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    Has anyone had any luck at the Castle Rock, Parker Wal-Marts and/or the Park Meadows TRU? I'm heading back home to Colorado this week from college in LA (where out here everyone is still searching for Dookus, Luminaras, and Royal Guards). And was hoping to hit up some of the old haunts.

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    Castle Rock

    As of a few days ago there wasn't much at TRU in Park Meadows...or Target and Walmart in Castle Rock.
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    I work in Park Meadows so I hit up the TRU there a lot. They havn't had anything special. Just stuff that everybody has.

    Hey ces, I was at Wal-Mart on Abeline today as well. I picked up a Red Clonetrooper and a Senator Jar Jar. I missed the Yodas by like 2 minuets. A Mom snatched up ALL the ones they had left. I also noticed there were no Dookus. I'm glad that the Royal Guard is showing up in stores in our area now.

    Have any of you guys picked up the TIE Bomber yet. I have the Snowspeeder already. I chatted with a couple of other casual Star Wars collectors and they also have not found it.
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    Oops! Dopy me! I went into TRU at Park Meadows and found TONS of Yoda, Count Dooku, Zam Wessel and Clonetroopers. There had to be about 30 or so Dookus and Yodas. It was pretty cool seeing them all there. There were no Mace Windus though. We won't be too far behind.
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    Jayspawn- no way!!! They'll probably be completely gone by the time I get home this weekend from California. But at least I know that the TRU Park Meadows is getting them in mass quantities!

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    Don't worry. Yes they will probably be gone but they will start showing up soon enought for everyone else.
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    I have only seen one Tie Bomber, and that was on the 23. They are suppose to be packed in the same case as the snow speeders. They must just get picked up immediately or the store workers must grab them. I cannot believe that there are 37 figures available now.
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