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    The WalMart I go to (Youngfield and 38th) has more figures than can fit on their pegs. Unfortuantely they are from the first few waves. I doubt they'll even stick out (or order) the new waves since their selves are full. This WalMart is not known for getting every wave released. Grrrr...

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    Walmart in Parker had several of each of the Orn Free TA wave as well as plenty of Mace and Jangos still no damn Vader or Lukes. Oh well I guarantee more will hit this weekend!

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    I went to the Walmart in Castle Rock and was able to get all of the new wave except for the Bespin Luke and Massiff. They had a lot of everything else at about 18:30

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    I seem to be the only Coloradian to not have the new stuff... o well not the first time, and certainly not the last. I DID get a pre-sell for the Galactic Battlegrounds expansion: Clone Campains at EB and the Voodoo Queen from McFarline Monsters at EB also. woo hoo! the McFarline Mosters are cool, but especially the Queen here.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    Found the etire Luke Bespin wave at Kohls on Parker and Arapahoe they had several of each about 6 Vaders 4 Lukes, 10 Jangos and Maces as well as about 6 Dookus as of 5m this evening. Price was $8.99 ea. as usual, but might be worth it to avoid further hunting and because Vader and Luke kick ***!!!

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    Glad to hear CR Wal Mart has all those figures. Only problem is that I won't be able to hit it up until Monday. Anyone care to do some figure stashing for me if they're still in abundance?

    Also, a bit OT, but anyone heading to the midnight shows in the Parker area want to PM me, maybe we'll all grab a bite to eat before hitting up the line?

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    hey SITHLORDDARTHBANE Thanks for the tip, called there at 1, had them hold my figs, went there at 2 pm (sunday) got all 4 of them! I told them exactly which 4 i needed over the phone, went to the service desk, and had them brought to me! although i said Luke Skywalker, and a hanger duel Anakin was in the bag, but i switched it for the Luke whcih they had a couple of still. As of 2 pm, they had 4 vaders, 5 Jangos, 5 Maces, 2 Lukes, 1 Dooku, and 1 Anakin Hanger, they also had vehicles etc...
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    Hey mrhat and SITHLORDDARTHBANE, thanks for the tip. I went to Kohls and found the last Bespin Luke hidden under the stand. Kohls is a bit spendy on their figures, but I found a nice sweater for $5. The cashier was a Star Wars fan and eagerly started talking about the next movie.
    I went to this Scalper Fest with my dad this weekenend and discovered what happened to all of the Tie bombers. He wanted $50 each. He also had the new Lukes for $15 each. Not too bad, but I refuse to pad somebody's wallet just because they got to the store before I did.
    All in all, I did well this weekend. Now I only need the massiff.

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    You gotta understand Kohls, Toys arient really their Bag if you will, Clothes however are, cheap clothes, EXPENSIVE Toys, hey ces did they still have that dooku and Ani hanger? my friend is like spazzing over these 2, but i couldnt afford two more, but if they are still there, he can go get them.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    mrhat, they actually had two Count Dooku's. I have actually seen him all over town this weekend. I figured most everyone had him so I didn't grab him. They did not have any hanger Anakins left though. They just had the four figures from the new wave of collection 1; well now 3 figures. I think Mace Windu is going to be a peg warmer. It seems to me that most stores that received the new collection 1 always had a few Mace Windus left when the rest of the case was already sold out.


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