This is a thread for you to list movies that you just haven't gotten around to see, for some reason or another, yet.

Gladiator (my dad's favorite movie. Has seen it at least 10 times. We even own it on DVD. No reason why I haven't seen it except laziness).

The Sixth Sense (don't really like Bruce Willis. Plus, someone revealed to me the ending so my motovation to see it has been diminished).

Scooby Doo (I know it just came out this summer. But for someone who was raised on Scooby, I should slap myself for not seeing this movie. I probably won't anytime soon).

Shallow Hal (I really want to see it but haven't yet. Gwyneth Paltrow should be reason enough for me too see it already).

I Know What You Did Last Summer . . .


Deep Impact

Clerks and Mallrats (and I like Kevin Smith and the gang. No reason why I shouldn't have seen this).

Scary Movie I (saw Scary Movie II but not the first one. People say the first one is much funnier)

The Graduate (a true classic! Oh so I hear)

Gone With the Wind (I know why I haven't seen it. Frankly, it's because I don't give a damn'. . .)