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    Question What else do you collect?

    I know we all collect Star Wars stuff here, but what else do you collect. I have learned that this habit of collecting is just like any other. It breads to other habits.

    I have been at Star Wars since the start (all the way back in í78). First because they were cool toys to play with, but later because I caught the bug. I do love the movies and the toys so it makes since. I have grown out of playing with them, but I will never grow up.

    I also collect Starting Line Ups. My dad and I started this when they first came out in 1988. I love baseball. I played all my childhood and through college and these baseball action figures were the perfect toy for a young sports fan. Sure they didnít do much, but I love displaying them all over my room. I still got them up on the walls. I collect all sports, but just mainly the players I like or All-Star (future HOF guys). I was sad to see the line go away, like an old fiend who disappeared out of my life. I like the McFarlanes, but they arenít Starting Lineups. They may be superior in detail, but they just arenít the same.

    This collecting habit is hereditary. My dad has it too. He started with Hot Wheels and other die cast cars when he was a kid. He still buys hot wheels today. He got seriously into it again about 7 years ago. Of course my brother and I had a ton of cars when we were kids, but again they were toys not collectables. When Iím out hunting for Star Wars I check out the hot wheels too, but I donít think I have any that I would call mine (other than the oneís from when I was a kid).
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    a few comics titles every month.
    Some DC direct figures.And Japanese Bandai Godzilla Figs.You want exspensive?Buy a few of those!!
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Besides Star Wars, I collect the new LOTR stuff, old Marvel classic comics, Anime, and various McFarlane related action figures. I usually get any cool action figure that catches my eye. I'm an action figure nut.
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    mcfarlane toys and spawn comics

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    Well, second to my huge Star Wars collection is another huge collection of Playmobil. I've been collecting them both since the late 70's.

    More recently I've begun collecting the Simpsons figures and playsets.

    I'm also on the LOTR bandwagon. Now these are some cool dudes!!!

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    Playmobile? No kidding. I think those are real good toys, but I never thought of them as a collectable. Well I think that's great. You've got good taste. The Simpsons and LOTR are both awsome toy lines.
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    Now that my finances are quite reduced, it almost seems like I don't even collect SW anymore! But now it's just Star Wars and the occasional Pittsburgh sports item (Pirates, Steelers, Penguins, Panthers). But, in my hayday, I was a collecting nut! Some of which were:
    sports cards
    GI Joe
    Hot Wheels/Matchbox
    comic books
    stuffed animals
    Garfield items
    Disney storybooks

    And maybe more!
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    lotr...sci fi books, if you call that collecting, huge not sure if you would call that collecting though
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    Although Star Wars gets 90% of my income, I still collect other things. I collect Superman stuff as well. Supes has been my favorite superhero for as long as I can remember. I also collect the sports figures, like icatch9 was referring to. I only have a few of the Starting Lineups, but I am getting into the new McFarlane sports figures. I have 3 of the NFL players and 1 of the baseball figures.
    But like most of the people on here, I am also a sucker for action figures. I just cant get enough. I enjoy the Simpsons, Marvel, GiJoes, and the new Spider Man figures. I have them everywhere in my house. I just love it.
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    I collect a large amount of comics books. However, lately, I have not concentrated on them as much because it is always easy to find comics. Some titles in clude:

    All X-Title books
    Star Wars
    Battle Chasers

    As far as action figures:

    Star Wars
    The Simpsons
    Transformers Generation 1
    G.I.Joe pre 1990
    A few Movie Maniacs
    New Spiderman 30 point articulation figures

    Although I will collect the new upcoming Marvel Legends series.
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