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Thread: Catwoman

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    man, first hollywood runs out of original ideas so they start re-treading everything or taking a lame tv show and making a movie version of it. now they simple borrow titles from existing shows/characters and completely change it hoping that people will show up recognizing the name. keeps getting sadder and sadder.

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    Well, we have our first picture of Halle Berry in the Catwoman costume. And can I say, I'm utterly horrified beyond belief. Good going Halle, you're managing to destroy a DC character just as well as you did Storm for Marvel.
    Source: TIME magazine Monday, September 29, 2003

    The new issue of TIME magazine has a first look at Halle Berry in her Catwoman costume. Here's the picture followed by the article. Thanks to 'Hmmm...' for the heads up.

    The cat is finally out of the bag. HALLE BERRY slinks into a strapping new ensemble this week when filming starts in Vancouver for Catwoman. The Oscar-winning actress plays the Felonious Feline (see also: Princess of Plunder, Mistress of Malevolence) from the Batman series, a role made famous by Eartha Kitt in the '60s TV show and reinvented by a neoprene-clad Michelle Pfeiffer in 1992. Berry's leather cat suit for the 2004 film is "very bare, very urban, very downtown," she says. Her character, Patience Price, is a scientist at a cosmetics company who transforms into Catwoman or should we say Sex Kitten?--to take on her nefarious boss, played by Sharon Stone. Benjamin Bratt as a detective is the love interest for Berry's Catwoman, who is both villainess and heroine. "She's not Superman," Berry says. "She's not trying to save the world." Instead, like a pampered house pet, Berry says, "Catwoman is out to save herself." Could be quite a purr-formance.
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    No Way, that has to be a joke........ That pic can't be real. It looks idiotic.
    Altough............ just take off the mask and she'll be fine.
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    It's real, it's from the Time Magazine article. Excuse me while I go rip my eyes out in horror.

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    Wow, I hate Catwoman and all, but that's one funny as hell pic. I won't blame Halle for ruining Catwoman, though, since I'm sure they're are quite a few other people responsible for that costume. DC characters, when will you be given justice? Smallville, Batman Forever on, the later Superman pics, and now this Catwoman movie. Again, what the heck is going on with those properties and why can't people get them right? David Goyer took a bad comic character and made him into a successful movie series, yet so many people can't take already successful comic properties and translate them into good ideas?!
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    That cannot be real- have you seen the Time mag? You have to be freaking kidding me right? I was pretty pumped to see Halle in a "cat suit" not some dollar store S&M gear. Give me a break! It even makes the imposible, possible- Halle Berry look unattractive.

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    1) It looks like a hoax, it doesn't even look like Halle Berry.

    2) Hoax or not, this looks totally ridiculous, and by that I mean, WORTHY OF RIDICULE!!!

    3) Having heard of what the plot is supposed to be, Warner Brothers should be charged with crimes against humanity.
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    I'm inclined to believe it at the moment. I still remember Shaq as Steel, now that was a costume.
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    I remember seeing that photo on a quick news blurb for ET. I was so hoping it was fake.

    DC, are you really so hard up for money that you'd sell your characters away to become S&M models? Try hiring good writers and artists instead. (Sorry, I'm a bit miffed that the Superman comics have utterly sucked for the past 4 months).
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    Patience Price? Patience Price? Need I say more?

    And that costume is hideous. Oddly, the thought of Halle Berry clad thusly is better on paper.

    Way to go, Halle. Get your Oscar and you're too good to continue playing Storm in the best superhero movie franchise to date, but you have no problem wallowing in this gutter. You need your head examined, lady.
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