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    Vintage translations.

    Who would like to see a line of the new prequel figs made into the style of the old vintage?
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    I think probably not... I think that stuff is better left to the customizers.

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    Why go backwards? Those things had their day. I'd rather go forward and get better articulation and more acurate likenesses rather than voodoo dolls in a style of 25 years ago. I appreciate what those figures paved the way for but they are old and of no use anymore. I'm looking forward to getting toys without stupid gimmicks but i don't want a retro slide to get them thank you.

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    I wouldn't. I think this thread should be called "Hey I want some crappy figures what about you?"
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    Ahem, we're going backwards with non-properly functioning gimmicks anyways.

    However we could possibly benefeit in some way, I mean look at the Biker Scout figures, the vintage Biker the BEST one! The POTF2 Biker Scout was...bad, and the POTJ Biker Scout looks like he's dancing and has a pea-head!
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    I would like to see a return to a couple of standards for the vintage figures. Namely neutrally posed and every figure being compatible with every vehicle/accessory (with a couple of understandable exceptions of course).

    Plus I like the idea of having just one version of each figure. The only reason that SW collectors are so hard to please now is Hasbro's constant resculpting. In the vintage days, you had to like the figures since they were all you were getting, if you didn't like them, you didn't collect. Simple as that. Thus collectors weren't spoiled like they are now. I was perfectly happy with the sculpting of 1998's Removable Helmet Vader, until I saw the superior sculpting of the Commtech, Dagobah, EW, Bespin, etc. Vaders out there. Thus if Hasbro had never made another Vader figure after the Rem. Helmet one, I would never have known that mine was substandard.

    So, I would love to see Hasbro re-adopting some of the policies of the vintage line, I don't want to see a return to the sculpting of the late 70s.
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    I fully agree, barada.

    (and you didn't even have to mention Vintage Bossk)
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    While I don't want a return to that style of sculpting, I do want - no, I DEMAND(!!!!!) that the rest of the vintage line be modernized as soon as possible. "Hear me, Hasbro....or feel the tender sting of the nerf crotch bat!"


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    What figures still need produced jjreason? Haven't they all been done?

    Oh, I forgot about General Madine....
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    good post BB, I totally agree


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