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    Anyone getting kinda burnt out on video games.

    I just don't have the excitement like they used to when they were brand new. It seems every concept has been touched and everything seems predictible.
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    Well.....welcome to hell my friend. I have been there for a long time, yet I still buy them. The result is about 20 games that I want to play, but have never even opened. *sigh*
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    Not here. I play FPS's mainly, so it's all the same, but the new interfaces, and locations, and stuff kind of take the monotony out of it.

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    Sometimes I lose interest in games rather fast, so I bounce back and forth between PC, N64, PS2 and genre of games.
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    Yeah, I have every game system available. Of course, I can't find the time to play any of them. Oh well.
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    I hear ya. I remember the days where I would get all excited the summer before all the great games were gonna come out the following fall. Now I am only looking forward (not really excited) to a handful of games, most notably Unreal Championship and GTA Vice City. Otherwise the rest of the line up doesn't really get me excited. The big N has the worst line up IMO. The only game I'm remotely interested in for this fall is Clone Wars and maybe Zelda for next spring, but thats it. Star Fox looks stupid, no thanks to new Metroid, what the??? Wario World is a side scroller??? give me a break. Yep not much too look forward too. Oh well.

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    I'm with you guys, but I don't think it's the industry that's changed, I think it's us. If were were fourteen years old, I bet we'd be frothing at the mouth for Shinobi and Metroid and so on. I'm looking forward to Dead to Rights, Shinobi, Red Dead Revolver and a few others, but my world nowhere near revolves around them as it once did. And now I'm afraid it's getting to be that way with movies - I haven't seen LOTR, Spider-Man, The Windtalkers, heck, I still haven't seen Blackhawk Down!
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    Wario wil be a side scroller? Sweet.

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    I think it will be years before the technology is advanced enough for games to truly "wow" us again the way the first 3D games did in the 90s. Remember how cool it was to play Doom when it first came out? Or Mario 64? Or Final Fantasy 7?

    The problem with the new systems is that they are far from revolutionary. They are simply improved versions of the previous systems, like the SNES was an improvement over the NES or Game Boy Color was an improvement over the Game Boy. The truly revolutionary systems are still a ways off, maybe the Playstation4.

    Anyways, I'm not even close to being a hardcore gamer as I only play a few games and am not very good at most of them. I pretty much just hold out for any new Zelda game. Speaking of which, I do plan to pick up a GameCube so I can play that awesome new cell-shaded Zelda. Seeing the latest pics of that game has kind of sparked my interest in video games again.

    However, once we get to the point of having real time graphics that are Ep2 quality and fully interactive, then I will probably start buying more games.
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    I went through a lull in my interest in games for a little while, mostly because of my limited funds that wouldn't allow me to buy a ton of new games. What brought me back? Buying a Gamecube, believe it or not. I have Mario already paid for, Smash Bros is just simple, brainless fun, and I just picked up Pikmin and am amazed at how original and fun it is. My PS2 has also been getting hit with Devil May Cry and Virtua Fighter 4. There are still great new games coming out (Shinobi will be great whether you're 14 or 54, it's a Sega game afterall). Oh yeah, and if gaming gets stale, there's always Dance Dance Revolution...


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