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    Why doesnt Jedi Knight Luke get any appreciation???

    The last figure they made of him was back in 97 I think and nothin has come since... Most people dont even seem to like him for some reason... Is there any plans out there for any kind of a newly designed figure for him???? Anyone out there even like the guy or am I alone on this one??
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    I would like a new one,he deserves a new figure!
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    Oh, there's plenty of asking for him. Probably every month, there's a new thread with new ideas on how to market him.

    But I'd imagine Hasbro is just getting the names of these figures (Jedi Luke, Yarna, by some miracle the Tonnika Sisters, etc) and putting them on a list for 2008. Why make them now, when you can milk the customer until the end of the licence, then go out with a bang?

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    Don't tempt fate Lord T. it's not a nice thought that we might have to wait that long. All these darth Maul's and jango's and Obi-Wan's are stealing the time away that could be spent making nice figures of better characters. Oh for a Yarna or a captain Antilles or a nice Admiral Ozzel or Moff Jerjerrod or a gragra or a jabba the Hutt or a general madine.........

    but no, just more and more one trick pony figures of the same old same old. Perhaps at the tenth jango they might get bored and consider the next ten Luke figures in a straight row. Only the toyshow previews will tell.......

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    How Ironic! -
    Quote:"same old same old.Perhapas at the tenth Jango they might get bored"

    On Jedi Luke - Quote:I would like a new one,he deserves a new figure!

    I agree with both statements. But its funny how when we Are getting figures,We want different ones, and when we get different ones, We want OTHER different ones.....

    Not too long ago I remember people complaining about "Too Many LUKES" and no one wanted any lukes.......I think Hasbro Listened to us! They moved on to "Other Figures" and now everybody's like "Where are all the Lukes" that we NEED!
    No one likes resculpts......But now we need a "REsculpt" of Jedi Luke! Just be COOL....we WILL get EVERY FIGURE you could EVER think of (maybe 5 or 6 resclupts too!!) by the time its all guess 2007-2008???

    BUT.....It's all good, My homeBoys&Girls!!!!!!!!

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    It is a no-win situation. I too would like a new Jedi Luke, as that was one of my favorite designs in the trilogy. At the same time, I am getting tired of all the Jango's and Maul's (although the new one is rather nice looking!). It is tough to justify asking for a new re-sculpt of Luke after we all (collectively, more or less) were complaining of yet another Luke resculpt a few years ago, and now we are complaining of the tenth Jango, or Maul, or Anakin, or ... Anyways, though, I too would like a new Jedi Luke, as well as all the other figs/vehicles yet to be made.
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    I understand why Hasbro didn't make one this year. We got 2 Tatooine Lukes (25th anniversary 2 pack and pack in with Landspeeder) and one Bespin Luke to go with the Bespin Vader....And it was a movie year.

    Hopefully Hasbro will get on the ball during the next 2 non movie years and release another Jedi Luke as part of their "3 Lukes per year plan."

    Didn't Hasbro say they would never make the Tonnika Sisters? We should quit asking for them and concentrate our efforts on Yarna.
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    I seem to remember Hasbro proudly declaring that they were only releasing two Luke figures last year (X-Wing and Bacta) in response to everyone asking for more variation.

    I don't think people who complained had anything against Luke, just releasing the same version over and over again. (4 Tatooine Lukes in a row: Blast Shield Helmet, Purchase of the Droids, Flashback, Commtech) However, if Hasbro were to release five Lukes in a year of all different outfits (Jedi, Hoth, Bespin, Dagobah, Ceremony) then people would have little to complain about.

    Of course, that doesn't mean that people wouldn't still complain.

    Anyways, my point

    Oh yeah! I want a new Jedi Luke also.
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    I think the problem is that we need figures like Luke or Han in MODERATION. POTF2 OC alone has:

    Luke Skywalker (Tatooine clothes)
    Luke Dagobah
    Luke Jedi Knight
    Luke X-Wing Pilot
    Luke Stormtrooper Outfit

    That's 5 Lukes, and there were only 26 figures released on OC!!!

    That was overkill, and that is what caused the bad taste in peoples mouths.

    Personally, I believe that Hasbro has handled Han Solo very well over the last couple lines. We got a few in the POTJ line and we have one with the new SAGA line. The upcoming Luke/Han Stormie Set sounds great.

    We just want to see Luke done in moderation. YES we need more Luke figures, mainly because the POTF2 Lukes look silly next to the POTJ figures!

    I would like to point out that we are all, for the most part, thankful for the new Bespin Luke. This is a great figure, for the most part. It also came with some creative and fun accessories. I would love to see Hasbro do a Jedi Knight Luke along those lines (minus the gimmicks).
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    Ooops, BigB posted while I was writing.

    Looks like we see things just a bit differently.

    Though, I do agree about the 4 Tatooine Lukes in a row thing. Talk about your re-re-re-resculpts. I think I could go another 5 years without a new Tatooine Luke.
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