I don't know how many of you guys are into the Evil Dead trilogy, but Sideshow is releasing a new 12" Ash (exclusive to Musicland stores) - looksee

My socks are officially knocked off. I didn't buy either of the two previous figures (Ash and Evil Ash), but this one is just too cool to pass up.

Now if only they'd brave the waters and get the rights to the other films. I'd walk on glass for a 12" Evil Ed. Maybe an ED2 Ash with grey temples and a removable, demonic hand. Lovely. Don't even get me started on a 12" Possessed Linda with removable head (and maybe a rubbery tongue appliance like Toy Biz's Toad from the X-Men line?). *sigh*

edit - another Sideshow product I'm excited about is the Sixgun Legends Doc Holliday figure, but I haven't been able to find a single picture or detail about it (said to be released in the third series, coming up next). Anyone know anything about it?