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    Question Any info on the 2003 Cloud Car & Sandwrawler ???

    I would like to know if anybody have some reliable informations on the upcomming Saga vehicles Sandcrawler & Cloud Car planned for 2003. I only know they should be stores exclusives.

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    not really...i just heard that they would be (maybe) out next year. sorry.
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    All rumors for now i think.
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    They haven't even been confirmed yet...
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    I heard FAO is going to start taking preorders for them to see if they can make Hasbro give them the exclusive rights to the toys. The same way they treated the Imp. Shuttle, which hasn't been confirmed by Hasbro, YET!!!

    Please understand that the above statements about the Crawler and Cloud Car are not true but a reflection of my frustration w/ FAO.
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    Ignore this....

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    and this

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    Well... these are all wishes for all I know. The Cloud Car would be quite nice but the Sandcrawler would be far too small (in proportion to the actual scale) to bother looking at it.
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    I seriously hope that FAO does NOT start taking pre orders for these vehicles. I think FAO sucks big time when it comes to Star Wars toys.
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    do not Ingore this

    FAQ better not get any exclusive rights,Wal-marts, targets,and toys R us,should be the only ones with exclusives rights.
    And Hasbro better not think of making these Fan Club exclusives.
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