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    Thumbs up Komami UFO mini fig's & vehicles wave-1

    Hey guy's if anybody's interested checkout these delightful little toys from Konami of Japan,they measure about 3 1/2 to 4 inches in length and nicely detailed for their size,I guess they fall somewhere in between MM & AF size,you decide!

    There hasn't been any toys made for this fun British sci-fi television series since the early 1970s,this first wave of 7 toys consist of the following items:the ufo,lunar carrier with shuttle ,sky-1,mobile-1,moonbase interceptor,skydiver submarine and shado operative Lt. Gay Ellis figure.

    These are sure to be very sought after because of the worldwide fandom of UFO,don't be surprised to see scalpers selling these for $25.00 to $50.00 each!
    go to Hobby Link Japan( their selling a box of 10 of these toys for about $25.00 .
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    Smile Wow!!!

    Hi SID,
    (Thank you very much for this information)
    These models look really awesome in the pictures of the HLJ site.

    The only problem is HLJ does not guarantee the composition of the box with 10 items, because they are randomly packed. So I have a proposal for you: if you are going to buy these collectables too, why do not we buy them together, in order to maximize the probability to have a complete set for each of us? We could buy 2 (or 3 or 4) boxes and let HLJ ship them to you, then you can open all the boxes and sort the items and ship me half of them. Of course I will pay you half of the expenses and all the shipping to Italy (using Western Union International Money Order).

    What do you think? I do not want to bother you, so feel free to answer "no, thanks". My proposal is valid if you are actually thinking to buy these items.


    P.S. In case you are interested, please have a look at my eBay feedback (user name:

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    Hi Jedigoofy,

    I have ordered 40 pieces already for myself and a freind,we hope to eek out at least 3 complete sets,but I'll tell you what I'll do for you,if you order some for yourself lets say 20 pieces and you have alot of doubles or your missing something,we can trade with what I have left over from my purchase o.k.?

    No problemo pizano!
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    Cool There is also a UFO model! Wow!

    OK SID!

    I will order 2 sets and when I get them (availability date is currently october) I will let you know what I got.


    P.S. By the way I will not order until thursday or friday this week, so if you would like to change your order from 4 to 6 sets I could send the money directly to you. Let me know if you prefer this way, otherwise I will order directly my 20 pieces. Thank you again for letting me know about these models!

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    Hey JG,

    Go ahead and make your own order,who knows you may get lucky and receive 2 complete set's. If you do not receive everything,my offer still stand's for trading.

    I'm hoping the 2nd wave of these UFO toys will include:the space intruder detector,shadair seagull x-ray, shado albatross,moon mobile,shado gyro,shado mobile transporter, commander Straker's car and colonel Foster's car etc,etc.

    OH! and your very welcome!
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    Hi Sid & JedyGoofy,

    In the case you are involved in those little tiny spaceships, the Japan market has other lines to collect.

    Tomy StarWars "Gashapon figures" : very cute micro dioramas, includes Millenium Falcon on Bespin plateform, X-Wing fighter on Yavin4 base, AT-AT with crashed Snowspeeder on Hoth base.
    $25 for a set of 5 dioramas. They are packed in the same box in a random way. But you can purchase a complete set at the shop listed below.

    Thunderbirds saga : all the ships from the serie, the "Mole", "Thunderbird 2", "Thunderbird 3", "Thunderbird 3 station", Concorde plane, Lady Penelope (unfortunately no pink Rolls Royce...), etc... Packaged in a random way. Each box is $5

    Harlock Saga (Emeraldas, Galaxy Express 999) : Atlantis, Queen Emeraldas, Arcadia, Cosmodragoon, Maetel, Tochiro, etc...
    Great figures from one of the greatest anime space series. The last set contain a great Galaxy Express flying to the sky.

    Shop URL :

    They also carry the Japan exclusive TOMY StarWars sabers...
    Great thing : you can pay through Paypal.
    I've already bought some items from them end everything was great !

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    here's the photo of the 5 piece star wars set that sicqnus is talking about

    star wars japanese diorama's

    here's the planet of the apes kubrik set the one with the icharus that bc3 told us about not too long ago
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    here's an auction located in japan for the tomy at-at and millenium falcon, i know i should post this in the ebay thread, but ht emain reason why i am posting here, is cause the photos contained within the auction are very nice close up's of the falcon and at-at.
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    Smile And now we have to wait until October ...

    OK SID,
    I will place my order for 2 sets.

    Do you know if they are planning a second wave? That would be wonderful! :happy:


    P.S. Thank you sicqnus for your information. It looks like Japan has a lot to offer as sci-fi models. I am struggling not to become addicted to other toy lines. But I do not know how long I will be able to resist now that Hasbro is treating so bad our beloved SW line.

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    I really feel there will be a 2nd wave,in my conversation's with contacts in Japan, they say that the people there love the old Gerry Anderson television show's like UFO, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet etc,etc.

    The first wave of Konami Thunderbirds toys (see 1st attachment) released a couple months ago sold well so Konami is releasing a second wave this month(see 2nd attachment).

    Don't feel guilty about buying other toy's,you should purchase what you like that's my thought on that subject. Like you I very much enjoy collecting the MM & AF toyline and I will continue do so,but if hasbro does not want to deliver the good's I will spend my hard earned money elsewhere's! screw'em!

    see ya!
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