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Thread: Jar Jar Binks

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    Jar Jar Binks

    Do you want Jar Jar to have a bigger role in Episode III than he did in Episode II, and would you be urinated off if he did. Do you think he will die in this episode or be added to the Archival Editions of Episode IV - VI?

    Personally I wouldn't be bothered if he had a larger role. I really hated him at first but I've kinda got used to him. I would be happier if he was in it a small amount but wouldn't be P-ed off if he has a large role. I think he WILL die in this episode though, but don't know how.

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    I kinda like him, I'd like to see him in the Archival Editions (but only as a cameo!).
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    I don't think he will die or be added to the OT.
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    Well I don't want anything else added to the OT. Just more CGI crud to infest it.

    Anyways, I would like to see Jar-Jar be made a crucial part of trying to keep the Republic from falling. I really don't want to see him die in E3 because can you imagine all the people that would senselessly point out Jar-Jar finally getting killed?

    I also don't want him to die because I like the character.
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    I didn't like him at first in TPM, but I don't mind him any more.

    I think he may die(or seem to die) a hero saving baby Luke and Leia.

    Either way, I'm sure GL will stick him into whatever new scene Padme is filming for the Original Trilogy.
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    Originally posted by Rogue II
    I think he may die(or seem to die) a hero saving baby Luke and Leia.
    i actually kinda like this idea... adding a nobility to a much maligned character!

    i think he should be a part of the beginnings of the rebellion - realizing that he gave supreme power over the galaxy to the dark side... making his penance....
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    I like the idea of him saving Luke and Liea, it gives him a link into the clbuttic trilogy, I think it would be quite wiered that luke and liea have met jar jar binks.

    I don't think it will happen though, I think Palpatine will turn on him and kill him!
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    I'd like to see the OT left as it is. If any changes to it do happen, please leave out Jar Jar.

    TPM was just too much of him, AOTC was better, as he didn't have such a big part, so hopefully in E3 we may not see him at all.
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    I say he survives the Prequels...and is on Alderaan when the Death Star destroys it. Kill two birds with one stone...! Kill off JarJar and give him a cameo in the OT. Tarkin would then have a's perfect!
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    I think he either will die saving the twins, or he will be sliced down by Anakin, sort of a "point of no return" on his journey into darkness.
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