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    Question About Courtship of Princess Leia

    I just finished reading The Courtship of Princess Leia, and let me start out by saying that it was a wonderful book with exciting new characters and fitting conclusions to some returning characters.
    Now, onto my question. In Truce at Bakura (it's been eight books since I read it, so forgive me if I'm wrong), Luke had his green lightsaber from Return of the Jedi. However, in The Courtship of Princess Leia, the book describes Luke's lightsaber as having a "blue glow" at least twice.
    Keep in mind though, the text never actually says that Luke's lightsaber is blue; just that it has a blue glow. On the other hand, the author never states that his lightsaber is green either. Did I miss something? Did Luke build a new blue lightsaber inbetween Truce at Bakura and The Courtship of Princess Leia? Or is the author merely describing a color tint that Luke's green lightsaber gives off? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Question Really? Wow...

    I never even noticed that detail. Keep in mind, I read it when it came out (1993? 94?), so it's been awhile. I don't believe Luke built any lightsabers others than his ROJ green blade one, definately not during/before COPL.
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    It probably was a mistake. Though in Dark Empire (2 years later, Luke briefly had a red lightsaber I think).

    However, Courtship of Princess Leia was an excellent book and I just wanted to go on the record as having said that!
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    All right then, it was probably just a slip-up on the author's part, but I agree with you wholeheartedly, Tycho: it was indeed a great book.
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    Need I remind you that COPL has a "gun of command", han winning the deed to a planet in a sabacc game and force witches in it? Force witches who ride (ahem) rancors?? And it had that silly Jedi training ship that crashed...

    Oh I could go on all day about COPL..although it did introduce the Hapans who are sorely underused in all the following EU.


    PS THE GUN OF COMMAND?!?!?! puh-leeze
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    I forgot. Please explain: what the heck was the Gun of Command?

    There's nothing wrong with a group of Force-sensitive people, the descendants of criminals or bad Jedi, losing track of the disciplines of the temple and regarding their ability to use the Force as witchcraft. Superstition is common in primative societies.

    Rancors had to come from somewhere, and Force-sensitives can train and pacify animals. Look what Anakin did with the Reek.

    The Rancor Jabba had, btw, was captured and taken off of Dathomir. It was not native to Tatooine.

    As to the deed to a planet thing - that was funny as heck and romantic that Han wanted to give it to Leia to resettle refugees from Alderaan.

    Furthermore, let's make the example of how this could happen a little more realistic by bringing it closer to home.

    Suppose you built a rocket ship and bought a bunch of mining equipment and hired a team and sent them to Mars. Would you like Russia, China, or even your home government (U.S.A. / Australia, U.K.?) telling you what you can and cannot do on Mars? There's no legal basis for their jurisdiction there. It's like homesteading all over again. If you could arm security, you could probably keep it, or make people reconsider taking it from you via force or court-order.

    Now, suppose you wanted to retire from the business - could you sell your property? Could you sell Mars? Yes!

    Now mind you, you couldn't keep it unless you had the staff for planet-wide security, so most likely you'd protect your mining interests there, and that'd be it - the rest open for other homesteading. But suppose nobody wanted your planet - like Dathomir. You'd have to con somebody into thinking it was worth it.

    In walks Han Solo, lovesick and stupid, who thinks he's conning you at the sabaac table! Mark! There you go! Brilliant. Just brilliant. The only way it could have been funnier was if it were Lando!
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    Thumbs up

    The Republic sends a ship of Jedi Masters to deal with some issue, and Jorus C'Boath (sp?) ends up a crazy clone? Hmm, that's as odd as a Jedi training ship, to me.

    I liked the deed-to-the-planet aspect. Now, the NJO is so serious, it was nice to have the occasional outrageous occurance in the earlier days of EU.

    Rancors. Okay, that was a tad strange, but not too bad.

    Force Witches were a great thing. They had some depth, not just a clone of a son of a concubine of a warlord of an alien that can sorta weild the Force with the help of a crystal in a chalice of a staff.

    I've always felt that COPL held true to the characterizations from the films better than other early novels. Obviously, as they aged and took on new responsibilities, Leia, Han, Luke, et al changed. But this tale was fun and exciting.

    p.s. I forgot about the Dark Empire red saber. BSLOS:
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    I believe the Gun of Command was a very important gift that Isolder gave to Leia in addition to all the jewels and ships... but the Gun of Command was one of the Hapans' most prized possessions... something like that. I'm not positive, but I think that's what it was. In any case, what I really liked was the last battle against Zsinj and the Iron Fist, since I read the first seven X-Wing books right before this (I'm reading them chronologically) and I thought that it was a fitting end to a great antagonist.
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    Luke made another lightsaber; according to one of the reference books (either Essential Guide to Planets & Moons or Essential Chronology), he used the Kaliburr crystal or whatever he found on Mimban to make a saber. Seems like a waste to me!
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    The questions are: did he make it before Courtship, and is it blue?
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