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    What would YOU like to see in 2003.

    I would like to see:
    - Lama Su
    - Poggle the Lesser
    - Anakin robed
    - Coleman Trebor
    - Geonosian gaurd
    - Ai Wa with Kaminoian rider
    - Geonosian Picador with Orray.
    - Blue dug from dex's dinner.

    What would YOU like to see in 2003......

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    I would love for Hasbro to show the same level of commitment to ROTJ as they do the rest of the saga. Namely:

    Since we got two Snaggletooths in the POTF2 and POTJ line, here are some Jabba's palace second versions we need to see:

    Wooof - the original Klaatu from the vintage line
    Kithaba - the Klatooinian who was right behind Luke on the prisoners' skiff
    Nikto - the one either on the prisoners' skiff (the one Lando tussled with) or the guards' skiff (which would be the same as the vintage version)
    Queequay - the second Weequay on the prisoners' skiff
    Gamorean Guard with pike - the ones that Luke force choked

    Resculpts of key characters from ROTJ:
    Han Carbonite
    Luke Jedi
    Lando Skiff
    Leia Boushh
    Chewie Boushh's Bounty
    Leia Endor
    Vader Removable Helmet
    Emperor Palpatine
    Jabba with throne
    Bib Fortuna

    First timers (in the modern line):
    Imperial Dignitary (both of them)
    Moff Jerjerrod
    General Madine
    Chief Chirpa
    Wooly Riis (the Rebel Trooper who disguised himself as a Biker Scout)
    Hermi Odle
    Cane Adiss

    Jabba's Sail Barge
    retooled, more accurate TIE Interceptor
    Ewok Village playset
    Shield Bunker playset
    Sarlacc beast/playset

    There's more, but you get the idea. That's all the stuff I would like to see in 2003.
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    I'm feeling lazy so I will copy other people's lists. I know we won't get all of this stuff in 2003, but I expect to see it all by the end of 2006.

    First, I want everything off of Bigbarada's list.
    Anything off of Emperor Jargo's list in this thread:

    And possibly:
    Generic Rebel Pilot w/ R2 unit and ladder
    Rebel Technician with tools
    Ewok Accessory pack version 2.0 (w/ C-3PO's throne, catapult, bows, arrows, baby Ewoks, etc.)
    Jawa Accessory pack (Jawas, droids, tools, etc.)
    Death Star Gunner with Turbo Blaster (Something similar to the Deluxe Leia)
    And a series of Imperial and Rebel Command troops with control panels and display screens.

    <in a Beavis voice> Yeah, yeah, that would be cool.
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    I collect only the 12" line, but would love to see some female Jedi. Any female Jedi would be great.

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    ROTJ Jabba the Hutt
    Yarna Da'l Gargan
    Yareal Poof
    Even Piell
    Oppo Rascisis
    Coleman Trebor
    Trash COmpactor monster with compactor
    Qui-lon VOs (a new EU line would be awesome)
    Imperial Dignitaries
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    I would like to see fewer "action features", more neutrally posed figures, more figures with better articulation, magnets in the Jedi belts for the metal saber hilts to hang on, more arena Jedi, "motion blades", more classic trilogy figures, a separate EU line (not as an addition to the Saga line that would take the place of movie figures, but a completely separate, compatible line), an Imperial Shuttle (I refuse to acknowledge the existence of any overpriced, underproduced exclusive that the vast majority of fans will never have even the option of owning!), more vehicles, far, FAR fewer repainted, retooled, rereleases of older figures, and a lot more completely new characters/ figures/ sculpts in lines such as the recent accessory sets and cantina aliens sets, MORE accessory sets with more appropriate accessories, more cantina aliens sets with never before produced characters, more playsets along the lines of the AOTC Arena, an Acklay (if he's shipped, he hasn't reached my area yet!), handmaidens, the rest of the Jedi Council (TPM AND AOTC!), more and better troop builder multi-packs (how about four different figures? At least four different head sculpts!), and the return of Cinema Scenes (three-packs, matter!); only with fewer resculpts and more new characters. Basically, I don't ask for much more than a little common sense on Hasbro's part.

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    Great lists soo far...

    Do you think anyone from my list has a chance of being made?

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    Hailfire Droids
    Hailfire Droids
    Hailfire Droids
    Hailfire Droids
    Hailfire Droids
    Hailfire Droids
    Hailfire Droids
    Hailfire Droids
    Hailfire Droids
    HAILFIRE DROIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ...They could be in a 3 pack, like the Droid fighters (EPI).

    Oh, and with rolling wheels and missiles with a turning firing knob on the back, like in Jango's Slave 1.
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    I'd like to see new characters, yes, but also some resculpts of jacked-up figures from this year (some of which have been rumored). Like:
    *Anakin (Naboo) - Real-sized, not tiny, no damn saber coming out of his damn arm, and no damn action pose! DAMMIT!!!
    *Padmé (Arena) - Not crappy, in the torn outfit (can wait a few years for this one).
    *Kit Fisto - Neutral posed, maybe with cloak or smiling.
    *Boba Fett - REAL colored. No clone markings on arms (he doesn't have these in the movie!).
    *Shaak Ti - In Jedi Council Chair. I won't list other Jedi with this option, they should come with these if they had them in the movie.
    *Jar Jar - Less dynamic. But I'd like to see him in the other costume and not the same one this soon, a few years down the road.
    *Luminara Unduli - Not psycho!
    *Count Dooku - Gimme a neutral Hertius!
    *Mace Windu - With lots of good stuff.
    *Palpatine - in a chair
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