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Thread: Saga yoda cloak

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    Saga yoda cloak

    My yoda cloak broke cause i took it on and of .

    happen to any one else
    ( .A.O.T.C. )

    It's always nice to meat a Jedi.

    - Jango Fett

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    Broke or ripped? It never occured to me to even try to take it off (why?), thus I can't say this has happened to me.

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    It riped and i like to play with my figures know and then...

    welllll ok every day but and how because it looks cool on the
    Ct and jango
    ( .A.O.T.C. )

    It's always nice to meat a Jedi.

    - Jango Fett

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    Risking tear is a reason I don't remove figure's cloaks.
    If Yoda is capable of kicking someone's @$$, imagine what a muppet could do!

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    Jango thing you might consider to avoid "ripping" the cloaks in the future is to spray the entire figure with hairspray. I know it sounds crazy, but believe me it works. Soak it real good, then light it with a match. The cloak will come off much easier. I hope that helps!

    Your Friend,

    Emperor Howdy

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    haw haw _
    ( .A.O.T.C. )

    It's always nice to meat a Jedi.

    - Jango Fett

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    How exactly does it look good on the Clonetrooper and Jango?
    Powdered Toast Man!

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    its like apple jacks they just do you big dumb lug
    ( .A.O.T.C. )

    It's always nice to meat a Jedi.

    - Jango Fett

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    Well aren't you the quick wit......
    Powdered Toast Man!

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    What a thread, what a thread... Just leave the cloaks alone? Thats the only thing I can think of. I have a feeling this might turn into a flame war....Not sure though. Just leave his cloak alone, or use a sturdier one. If a piece of a cloak is 3 millimeters wide, it is not smart to try to remove it.
    "Ohnomyfriendthisisamistakeaterriblemistaketheyhav egonetoofarthisismadness!" -Count Dooku, AOTC


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