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    Cool An idea just crazy enough to work

    I was thinking. I do that sometimes.
    Anyway, I think you should make Jedi with interchangeable arms. You did it in the unleashed (kind of with Dooku), why not in 3 3/4"?
    Every Jedi would come with four arms: two cloaked (brown) and two uncloaked (tan). The robe would be the same removable style as before, so the Jedi could be cloaked if they wanted to be or not.
    Some good figures to test this out on are:
    *Stass Allie. So you wouldn't have to make two of her. She could include two sabers (one blue [for cloaked Stass] and one green [for uncloaked Stass]) and whatever else you want.
    *Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode I). He would come with bendable knees and a removable braid. I know you can do this nowadays.
    *Mace Windu. The cloaked arms would be positioned for "This party is over" and the cloaked ones would be positioned for double-handed holding of the saber. Kind of like in the attached picture. He could also come with a clip-on fireball that could fit on his cloak or a cloth one to re-enact it being on the ground.

    Come on! DO IT!!!
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    I'd REALLY like that. One of the reasons I cant make a plastic robed Obi-Wan (Qui-Gon robes, CC Obi) is because his arm robes are white. Just no magnets, nice sturdy pegs. Or magnetic pegs.
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    The primary problem is the size and wear on the peg. Hasbro's Battle Beast line had similar-sized pegs, and as a kid, I would interchange all the arms. But plastic pegs aren't strong, and after a fair amount of play, some of the pegs started to break off in the bodies.

    Wrist and elbow cuts are fine because of the freedom they allow (most notably, they're not locked into the figure). But the arms are sonic-welded in, and there's really no way to compromise, unless you want knob-pegs and bulky arms, and more visible articulation cuts (good example - Modulok in the MOTU line).

    If this were a six-inch line, I'd say go for it. But it's not probable for this scale.
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    Sure it is.
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    Originally posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL
    Sure it is.

    (good comeback! )

    Actually, I'd rather see them perfect the removable soft good Jedi robe that doesn't look like a big ol' piece of terry cloth bathrobe. That fluff that came with Pilot Obi Wan was atrocious. I've seen tham do good soft goods work (Bespin Escape Lando's cape, Sith Speeder Darth Maul's sith robe, etc) I just wish they would be consistent.

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    They could use the same kind of peg on the Cantina Ponda Baba's battle-damaged arm. Would it be really that hard to do this?

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