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  • I wish I could take back DVD's

    12 3.26%
  • I won't even open it, it's for my collection.

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    I can't really vote on this topic since I have yet to see the DVD, but I will take the extra post.

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    Re: I wish I could take back DVD's

    Originally posted by GNT

    So many Cut scenes they didn't put into the film
    So you're saying you actually wanted the extra Jira scene put in?

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    Re: Re: I wish I could take back DVD's

    Originally posted by master jedi

    So you're saying you actually wanted the extra Jira scene put in?
    What I meant is that they didn't put all the deleted scens I wanted to see onto the DVD!

    EG: R2-D2 using his booster rockets
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    Yeah I see what you mean. I wish they only put the last half of the cut Jira scene in with the probe droid.

    I really wanted to see the Bail Antillies scene.

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    Definitely worth the wait! I loved The Beginning documentary and seeing all the cut scenes. I'm especially glad GL reintegrated the Air Taxi and extra podrace scenes into the film itself!

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    alright the couple of people who voted never to open the DVD
    that has to be funny or someone is joking

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    It was not worth the wait.

    I should NEVER have to wait a year and a half after a video release to get a DVD.

    I would have easily bought a "bare bones" movie only DVD, then turned around and bought a "special edition". But waiting a year and a half for this "ultimate" DVD is rediculous.

    T2 and Fight Club had just as much, if not more supplemental material. Nobody hesitated to produce a special Fight Club DVD, and there was a "bare bones" T2 disc out before the ultimate edition was released.

    I think Lucasfilm really botched this one. I should be happy, because it really is a nice disc, but instead I feel jaded.
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    It was a very good DVD, but it wasn't outstanding. It was pretty much what I expected, but nothing that you can't get on other good DVDs. No DTS and they didn't put in all the deleted footage.

    Its nice to know that GL and Co. can put this much effort into a DVD, but it would've been nicer to get a 25th Anniv ANH on DVD.

    All in all a good DVD, but definately not the best. I still keep that spot for T2 UE, Fight Club, or Mallrats.
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    This is definitely the best DVD I own!!!! Of course it is also the only DVD I own, but that's not important.

    I don't even own a DVD player.

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    Yeah I think E I dvd was great, tons of behind the scenes type stuff. The best of course is The Ricker with his "This is f'ing awesome" talk which as I've pointed out in the past was f'ing awesome.


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