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    At the time, it had the best special features, easter eggs and what not. The problem is that within a calendar year we got the extended edition of LoTR: Fellowship of the Ring which took everything and went a step further.

    I think that people whining that they wanted it now, it got so loud and annoying to Lucas that he couldn't continue to work on Clones, which is saying something, so that he could've been devoting his entire time to developing story and what not, not being the control freak he is and having his finger prints on the DVD. The same thing with the original trilogy etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by master jedi View Post
    Yeah I see what you mean. I wish they only put the last half of the cut Jira scene in with the probe droid.

    I really wanted to see the Bail Antillies scene.
    Don't worry, you'll get to see Bail in the next two episodes.


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