View Poll Results: How much do you plan to spend on Star Wars Hasbro toys during 2006?

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    71 26.10%
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    30 11.03%
  • $251-500

    46 16.91%
  • $501-1000

    44 16.18%
  • $1001-2000

    47 17.28%
  • $2001-3000

    8 2.94%
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    26 9.56%
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    How much do you plan to spend on SW Hasbro toys during 2006?

    Given that we now have a better idea of what's coming out and how much items will retail for, how much do you plan on spending on Star Wars Hasbro toys in 2006? Below is a quick breakdown by category, visit this thread for a more complete list of toys and detailed list of specific figures/waves.
    • Basic Figures - Approx. cost per figure is $6. (Approximately 60 Figures) - $360 total.
    • VOTC Figures - Approx. cost per figure is $10. (5 different figures) - $50 total.
    • Exclusives - single action figure approx. cost $13 (5 different figures) - $65 total.
    • Astromech Droids (Entertainment Earth Exclusive) - Approx. cost per set is $40. (2 different sets) - $80 total.
    • 3" figure Battle Packs - Approx. cost per set is $20. (Possible 4 different packs) - $80 total.
    • Vehicles - various costs between $20-50 (Up to 4 different vehicles) - average $140 total.
    • Unleashed Figures - Approx. cost per figure is $20 (3 different figures) - $60 total.
    • Unleashed Battle Packs - Approx. cost per set is $10. (Up to 14 different sets possible) - $140 total.
    • AttackTix - various cost between $8-20 (Blind pull - unable to determine how many to purchase) - at least $130 total.
    • Galactic Heroes - Approx. cost per set is $7. (Up to 16 sets possible) - $112 total.
    • Force Battlers - Approx. cost per figure is $10. (4 figures, maybe more later in the year) - at least $40 total.
    • Role Play items - various costs between $6-40
    • Titanium Series 3 Vehicles - Approx. cost per ship is $5. (Anywhere between 15-25 different sets) - $75 to $125 total.
    • Titanium Series Ultra Vehicles - Approx. cost per ship is $20. (2 known, possibly 4 more-pending confirmation) - $40 to $120 total.
    • Titanium Series 3 3/4 Forged Figures - (Vader and Boba Fett, others pending confirmation) Approx. cost per figure is $15. (Up to 8 figures possible) - at least $30 total.
    • Star Wars Transformers - Approx. cost per figure is $20. (Up to 12 sets possible) - as much as $240 total.
    • Custom Vehicles Choppers - Approx. cost per figure is $10. (3 different choppers) - $30 total.
    • Miscellaneous Items (Collectors cases, remote controlled droids) - Approx. cost between $10-20
    Again, for a more complete breakdown of toys and detailed list of specific figures/waves, visit the following thread:

    If you were to get 1 of everything on that list minus the misc items and Role Play items, it'd cost around $1700, and that doesn't include duplicate figures or army builders! So, with all that data in mind, vote now with a rough estimate on much you expect to spend on Star Wars Hasbro products this upcoming year.

    thanks to jedi master sal for creating this poll.
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    Crap in a hat! Sorry to have not mentioned this during "beta testing," but I just noticed the Unleashed figures aren't listed, and there are three confirmed for later in 2006.

    From the looks of the list so far, a lot of stuff will be easy to pass on. And it's tough to know for sure until you actually see some items in person. However, I'm guessing that I'll spend, based on the info we have, about $732 (factoring in the Han and Shocktrooper Unleashed).

    Jeez. I need to cut back. I haven't actually thought about how much I'm blowing on these things.
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    I kind of jumped the gun a little when I voted over $3,000.00. That actually includes ALL of the figure lines I collect.

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    It's hard to say, afterall if the stuff turns to crap then nothing but so far since the early photos of the waves seem to be good perhaps around $1000.
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    Thanks a bunch Chux, you've only had, what, a week and a half to say something? I'll add 'em now.... done. Since the final cost tally was in the lower 1600s before, adding these brought it up to a higher number so I changed the final tally as well. Stupid new version of forums shows my edit notices, what a load of rich creamery butter.

    Anyway, using the above guide, my math came out to around $750 with a few generous purchase assumptions. At first I was gonna vote for buying all the basic figures, but then I remembered that around half would be recycled figs and that changed things. I'll be buying all the Titanium vehicles, possibly 1 of the figures as well depending on their quality, all the SW Transformers (I'm a Transformers collector as well as SW), and a few odds & ends.
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    i'm only getting 1 fig from wave 1, 2 from wave 2, and 4 from wave 3. the exclusives will add up fast. so i said 500-1000. it will probrobly be closer to 1000 or more.oh yea, add the ee droids.

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    Zip, zero, zilch. I've pretty much given up on Hasbro. I've spend under $20 in the last two years. Unless they come out with a real cool and killer figure (which I don't see happening) they won't see one red cent from me.
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    I fall into the $1,001-$2,000 range. I collect one of each so I went with JT's figure of $1,700 as my basis. I rarely open so it'll probably be right around there.
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    I don't plan on spending anything on Hasbro product in the coming year. Star Wars was the only Hasbro product line that I collected, so they will no longer get any business from me.

    I am currently focusing exclusively on LEGO product (multiple themes) and the occasional figure(s) from other companies (NECA, Mezco, McFarlane).
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    I said around $1,001 to $2,000 but that will depend on my income this next year. I do no longer have the option to charge it on my credit cards, so I will have to put out the cash for any toys I want. I am thinking of going more with the Gentle Giant busts as I have been very impressed with the collectibles they have put out to date.
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