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    Question Was the Episode I DVD worth the wait?

    Was the Episode I DVD worth the wait?

    Let's talk about the choice you voted on!
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    It was definetly worth it!! This is the reason I buy DVD's. How could you not love all the extra stuff?! I wish "The Beginning" was longer. I haven't watch the movie yet with the commentary on, but I know that is just going to be great also.
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    I thought "the Beginning" could be longer too, but then I realized that between "the Beginning", the 12 web docs, the 5 other docs, the deleted scene doc, the animatics docs, and the trailers, commercials, and hidden features, you got about four hours of stuff to watch. That's not even counting the commentary on disc 1. I haven't even watched the movie yet and I'm as pleased as a plum! This definitely rates a 10 in my DVD collection.

    Who is the one cracker who bought it to put in his collection and never open? I pray that was a joke.
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    I like it...! VERY MUCH!!!!

    I even like it in Spanish and I don't even SPEAK Spanish! I should have gotten the Canadian version so I could have it in French... which I DO speak!
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    I have a major problem with the episode 1 DVD. As it is the first DVD I've bought , i know for a fact that no other DVD will live up to this volume of quality. I watched all of it on the first day and apparently there is still hidden stuff. I've rented many other DVD's since andnone of them have a third as many extras as the phantom menace. You cant complain about the disk set unless you were exspecting the answers to the universe inside.

    I hope the other trilogy DVD'd have Special Edition on/off modes.

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    How about "The Phantom Edit" on DVD??

    The Episode 1 DVD is OK...
    What would REALLY REALLY be worth the wait is "The Phantom Edit" on DVD!!!! If they ever make a high quality copy of the edit on DVD....I will be a happy man!!!

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    I am a little disapointed with the UK version (Region 2) though because I think the "Rick McCallum swearing his head off" scene was cut completley because I can't seem to find it anywhere. It would be fun to see that. Also there could have been a few more Easter Eggs, but appart from that, it is the best DVD in my collection.


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    this dvd is very good, but there are others, like the fight club dvd, which can easily stand toe to toe with the episode 1 dvd. and the fight club dvd is packeged better. with all that's here, i was hoping for more. the final saber battle took two weeks to film. i would of loved to of seen a 30 min unedited version. and i wish they would of covered when and why neeson and mc gregor had stand-in's in some of the saber scenes.

    there were deleted scenes like the qui-gon/ maul saber fight on the queens starship i would of liked to see. i guarantee you we'll get another version of this dvd in the future.

    and almost all of maul's dialogue was cut. that could of been in there.

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    This is the best DVD I've ever seen.

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    I wish I could take back DVD's

    I wish I could take back DVD's got my vote

    So many Cut scenes they didn't put into the film
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