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    Originally posted by Caesar

    Where have you been all my forum life?
    I've complained about this epidemic in the past, and I was surprised when it falled mostly on deaf ears.

    Ugh, and when people are talking before the movie while cramming that stuff into their face?
    Listen, if your hand is lying flat across your face after you "take a bite" of popcorn, you are going wayyyyyyyyyyy over the line.

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's tired of sitting next to the guy who feels driven to shake his popcorn bucket every few minutes or the family that sits in front of you and passes food back and forth like it's some sort of picnic.
    I got so tired of it I vowed to never go to movies on the weekends and in the evenings. I strictly go on the weekdays during the economy showings after I get off work so I can save a little $ and have a few rows to myself.
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    I like to get Gummy Bears and a Coke. And if I have a few extra $. Nachos!
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