View Poll Results: What New Storyline From Dark Horse Would Get You To Try Reading The Comics?

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  • Tales about the formation of the 1st Jedi Order

    50 18.38%
  • Tales from The Clone Wars

    71 26.10%
  • Tales from the height of the Empire

    54 19.85%
  • Tales from the New Jedi Order

    55 20.22%
  • I won't get into reading the comics (please write why?)

    42 15.44%
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    I don't think I could really get into comics... I think comics in general are a little awkward for my tastes. The placement of pictures, text... I end up missing things and not understaning the overall picture. I prefer reading regular books because they clarify a lot of things that you just can't have in comics, so I'll stick with the regular novels... I'm sure the comics are awesome, but they're just not for me.
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    I dont bother with the star wars comics as I am collecting other comics (the new Transformers and GI Joe comics are excellent!!!) and I use the money that I have to buy star wars toys instead of the comics which I think is a better choice( I dont have unlimited funds). Also the only thing I take as canon is the movies anything else doesnt interest me.

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    I'm just recently getting into the Dark Horse SW comics. I collected the old Marvel series from ESB thru issue #100, plus I went back and found all of the previous issues (This has obviously been many years ago now). It was the Star Wars comic book that got me interested in Marvel comics, and then DC, Comico, Dark Horse, image, Valiant, among others.

    A lot of times, it's the art that has put me off the Dark Horse books. The first DH offering I bought was the Dark Empire TPB (when it came out, I think) that I always heard such great things about. I didn't care for the interior art, but the covers were stunning. The story was okay, but I didn't buy another one until recently.

    Most of what I've gotten has been hit and miss. The Chewbacca mini was good, but the Union mini was almost unreadable from a story and art perspective).

    The new "Empire" book has me really intrigued tho, and I will most likely be checking out the first story arc on that.

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    Well... for me the lack of interest comes from the far-fetchedness of some stories. I dunno'... some stories just seem too hyped up and far from the "feel" of the classic (movie) stories. The old story about Boba Fett's grudge against Han Solo and Lando Calrissian seems silly to me, for one.
    Also, I don't waste time getting into something that'll fall apart when a new movie comes out; for example: the stories of the Sith as this huge order spanning generations and great distances when the Episode I novelization gives the true (short, yes) background of the Sith order, which didn't last too long.

    Another example is the Boba Fett / Jester Mareel stories. This all fell apart when AOTC came out (though what Dark Horse did with "Open Seasons" was cool). Perhaps if they do interesting stories about lesser characters (like Aurra Sing -which I know they did- or Jabba and his entourage, etc.) that aren't too exaggerated I might look into the comics a bit more.
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    I have all the Star Wars comics, from the Marvel series through the current Dark Horse comics. It's gotten to the point where I only collect them out of habit. The writing, with the exception of some of the Star Wars Tales stories, is sub par to say the least. The over-hyped Vader vs. Maul story was probably the lowest point I've seen a Star Wars comic sink. The art is usually on the same level as the writing, a better part of the time it seems less like a comic book and more like something you'd see in a Sunday morning newspaper. The reason people don't bother with the comics is that, for the most part, they're pretty bad.

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    I don't really care for Dark Horse's writing or art, but the main reasons I voted "I won't get into..." are lack of value (you don't get enough content for the money you are dropping) and slow turnaround (waiting a whole month for 17 more pages of the story at $4 an issue doesn't work for me).

    It's like the trading cards, they used to be a fair price and you got a good set of cards in one pack, but then they decided that it was more important to jack the price of the cards way up with higher-cost flashy materials like UV coating and foil stamping while thinning the pack out and add a bunch of hard-to-acquire chase cards. It feels like the cards and the comics are more about how incredible the paper they're printed on is than about how much content the buyer gets to enjoy for the money.
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    Too much and too expensive

    I don't like the way it's done.
    A billion little min-series of second tier characters for $3 an issue consisting of 10 pages of story and tons of ads.Make a Star Wars ongoing set in the time of the Empire(the good stuff)and maybe another anthology series that can tell tales from any era and i would start buying. Or something like that.
    Not this like ..GREEDO:The Hal Shutta Factor
    4 issue mini series on glossy stock and hard cover for $3.95.
    Thrill to the early adventures of Greedo BEFORE he was shot in the chest by Han Solo in a stunning tale that could be written around any other character in any other genre and featuring blaster battles and a double cross!
    It's not 1992 anymore people don't want ANYTHING Star Wars they want good stuff. Not a Plo-Koon mini-series.
    I want an ongoing set in a time we care about with characters we care about.(Empire height) and then an anthology maybe for the adventures of Dexter Jetster (groan..)


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    wow.....such negativity surrounding this topic....ouch!

    I'll be a dissenting voice her....I LIKE the comics....not every one of them, but some of ongoing series has been quite good.

    Jan Duursema is my favorite SW artist....she captures a great cinematic feel in her panels and usually the stories she illustrates are on par with the art.

    I've enjoyed the prequel-era storytelling for the most part....although it kinda fell into a rut with "Infinitie's End"...the whole "witches" thing just didn't feel SW to me. And yes, there have been some MAJOR abominations like 'Starcrash" which never should have seen the light of day.

    But strong entries like "The Hunt for Aurra Sing" & the current "Rite of Passage" do add another interesting facet to the SW canon....

    Some folks mentioned they preferred the books over comics.....sorry, but for me, the "New Jedi Order" is running on's the same book over & over again. I was so relieved to read that next year we're getting a novel with classic characters that does NOT take place in the NJO timeline...

    If you're following this thread as a newbie to the comics.....go to your local chain bookstore & see if they have any of the collections to thumb through.....something mat catch your eye...

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    I hate comics, always have.
    I tried to get into them as a kid and later on as an adult but it just doesn't interest me. I don't like the genre at all, so there's nothing they could do to get me to buy/read.

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    I was a huge comics fan in the earlier days, but quickly got turned off when the medium changed from being about entertainment to just gouging people for their money. In the 70's and 80's (I'm dating myself) we had interesting storylines and quality art at a fair price. In the 90's it became more about gimmicks, flashy holographic high gloss covers, indestructible paper and tons of ads. For the high prices charged these days you barely get any story out of the comic. Eventually, it just turned me off to the whole genre.

    Lately, however I have been picking up the Graphic Novel collections of "Star Wars Tales". I have enjoyed these and recommend them to any Star Wars fan who just wants entertaining stories. Some of the short stories are in a "What If?" type format and most of the art is very good. You also get more for your money in this format because it's just the stories. No ads or gimmicks. They include all the cover art from the original issues and the collection itself has a new piece of artwork for it's cover. You also don't have to worry about not making it to the comic store every month and possibly missing an issue.

    I will probably purchase more "Star Wars" graphic novels in the future, but will probably never go back to the issue by issue format. It's just not worth it.

    As far as storylines go, I usually enjoy the short stories about background characters and what they were doing while the main action of the movies was going on. I would very much like to see a comic adaptation of "Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, Jabba's palace and Bounty Hunters" novels. I think these type of stories would be perfect in comic form.


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