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  • Tales about the formation of the 1st Jedi Order

    50 18.38%
  • Tales from The Clone Wars

    71 26.10%
  • Tales from the height of the Empire

    54 19.85%
  • Tales from the New Jedi Order

    55 20.22%
  • I won't get into reading the comics (please write why?)

    42 15.44%
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    Overall, I like comics in general, but I agree w/ what a lot of you are saying about the quality of the writing and art.

    Back in '91 or so, when "Heir to the Empire" and "Dark Empire" came out I was so excited, I was like a pig in s..., well, a pig in SLOP.
    I looked at those great DE covers, then opened the book. I finaly got to recognize the characters and grew used to Cam's style. Another great part was the text area at the end that expanded upon the storyline.

    I like to read about not just WHAT happens, but WHY did it happen, and what difficult decisions did the characters have to make (what was the internal conflict).
    Darth Vader/Ani is such an interesting character b/c we want to know what made him do the things he will end up doing. The internal conflicts Luke went thru on Dagobah to walk into a trap to save Han and again (in ROTJ) when he saw how close he was to the Dark Side after defeating DV.
    In the comics, there was Ulic Qel Droma (sp?) attempting to infiltrate the Krath. The whole Sith War was crap, but afterward in Redemption the tale of ulic's return to the Force was well written. Redemption is a personal fav.

    DH's ongoing SW comic started out well w/ Prelude to Rebellion" and "Outlander", but the rest of the series hasn't lived up to that, w/ a few exceptions that others have mentioned.

    If any of you like the same type of writing/story, I would highly recommend the book "Autobiography of Malcolm X" as told to Alex Haley (of Roots fame).

    Posted below is a photo from C2 of The Clone Emperor.
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    OT -- but wasn't that guy cool looking? I got a couple of good pix of him.

    I've noticed I've become choosier on which comics I buy. If it's a lame storyline, I won't buy it, or wait until it's in the bargain bin six months from now.

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    I personally love reading the SW Comics. It a great source for EU Characters and since I am an artist I love to see the new and upcoming work of some of my fellow artists. I especially love the INFINITIES series. It's about time someone began changing the way we always viewed STAR WARS. But the vote to choose is hard. I like everything Star Wars so to decide whether one story arc is better than the other is difficult. Dark Horse should focus on all aspects of that galaxy far far away, we need more story of the past future and of other races, planets, etc that are with the Star Wars Galaxy.
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    I like comics but not Star Wars comics. Not saying that I would never pick up a series if it appealed to me. However, Tycho's choices were pretty "blah" to me and there was no "Other Storyline (please specify)" choice so I had to choose the "I won't get into reading the comics" choice.

    Now, if DK was to make a Barada or Bossk mini-series and not try to shoehorn it into the incoherent mess that is Star Wars continuity (or tie it in to 50 other mini-series going on at the same time), then count me in. Until then, though, I will continue to spend my time looking through the superhero and independent books.
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    I voted Clone Wars, becuase we have main charcters that partcipated in them but we have no details from the war.
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    I'd like to learn what the Jedi have been doing for the past 10 years. They've known of the existence of the Sith, what have they been doing about it?

    In AOTC almost every time we see Yoda (in the first half) he is meditating or trying to get in touch w/ the Force. Does he have any suspicion of Palp's at all?

    One of the stories that I like from SW Tales was a 2 parter from ish 1 and 2. It had DV hunting down the Dark Woman. I liked the way that was drawn and written.
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    I am really not a reader, I don't like to read, I can't concentrate long enough. I basically have to force myself to start a book, then if it grabs my attention, I can't put it down. I do like the novels put into audiobook though.
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    I take back what I said about all Star Wars comics being fairly worthless, I think the Infinities series is quite interesting as a "What If?" style look at the SW Universe. The art has been very good and the writing, though crammed to fit the 4 issues given to each limited series, is well done. The Star Wars Tales anthology series also has its moments like when Obi Wan tells Han about his encounter with Aurra Sing while still under the tutelage of Qui Gon and the wacky Pulp Fiction take off with Mace Windu and Yoda.

    One thing I forgot to mention as a con to the comics is that until the last movie comes out, there is still the chance that things done in the comics will be done differently in the movies, making the comics obsolete. One example was the Boba Fett series "Enemy of the Empire" where the readers learn that Fett's helmet gets its dent in it during a battle with Darth Vader in which Fett is the victor. But in AotC, Jango's helmet gets a dent in it while being trampled by the Reek, which will probably be the helmet worn by Boba later on. There's no sense in buying comics if they can't keep their stories worked straight.

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    I do enjoy Star Wars Tales, when I can afford an issue (I would prefer going back to the 4-color, newpaper-quality comics at under $1 each a truly great artist doesn't need all the flashy coloring and glossy paper to make an impression).
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    srwars comics are great in theory, i used to buy alot of the older dark horse issues like classsic starwars with art by al williamson and russ manning(rip),even though these were old newspaper reprints they were very "starwars" in feel. some of the newer stories have captured this but far too many have failed
    i did enjoy rogue squadron and the zhan trilogy because these had characters that we alll know(of). once the writers start bringing in alll these eu characters 7000 years before anh it just doesn't seem like starwars most of the post zhan trilogy stuff is crapola.does anyone remember "empire's end"?

    add to this exorbitant prices, tonnes of adds, dodgy writingand a lack of continuity with the movies and we're stranded on naegativity island...the re are goood things that have and could be done,ie trade paperbacks:zero ads,complete story great invention, and i know everyone deep down loves those shady background characters,the bounty hunters the denziens of chalmun's cantina alll of jabbas lowlife entourage they alll have they're own stories and most of them don't muck around tooo much with the continuity....then i would pay $6-$7ausdollars


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