View Poll Results: What New Storyline From Dark Horse Would Get You To Try Reading The Comics?

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  • Tales about the formation of the 1st Jedi Order

    50 18.38%
  • Tales from The Clone Wars

    71 26.10%
  • Tales from the height of the Empire

    54 19.85%
  • Tales from the New Jedi Order

    55 20.22%
  • I won't get into reading the comics (please write why?)

    42 15.44%
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    I don't buy SW comics anymore because I hated getting them home and being disappointed compared to the other titles I got (Usagi Yojimbo, Concrete (when it's available)). There are so many better comics.

    The kind of stories I did enjoy however, were the short stories in Tales (which, unfortunately could be hit and miss), and the Infinities storyline ( I haven't picked up the Empire one though).

    I guess I liked the stuff that stepped out of the continuity, so I wouldn't have voted for any of the above options.
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    I stopped buying them as well, around the time EpI dropped for whatever reason. Too many toys, too many other books to keep spending money. Oh, and I had a baby in 1999 as well - those eat up a few dollars here and there.

    I was very happy initially with DH SW books - Rogue Squadron and Tales of the Jedi were all well written, cohesive books, as were the novel adaptations. Dark Empire was well received, and told an original tale. Not the best, but not too bad. I have more than half of the Marvel series, but an not actively pursuing the missing issues right now.

    I would recommend to anyone Tales of the Jedi: Redemption. To me, that limited series felt like Star Wars more than any other short comic story I've seen. Very nicely done.

    To get me back, they'd have to promote a series bridging ANH and ESB. Give me 12 issues including Han's run in with the bounty hunter on Ord Mantell, and Im in like Flynn.


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