View Poll Results: What New Storyline From Dark Horse Would Get You To Try Reading The Comics?

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  • Tales about the formation of the 1st Jedi Order

    50 18.38%
  • Tales from The Clone Wars

    71 26.10%
  • Tales from the height of the Empire

    54 19.85%
  • Tales from the New Jedi Order

    55 20.22%
  • I won't get into reading the comics (please write why?)

    42 15.44%
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    What New Storyline From Dark Horse Would Get You To Try Reading The Comics?

    Only 27% of our site's visitors are into Star Wars Comics, * we are asking why?

    More importantly, we are asking you what kind of story could you not resist?

    What would prompt you to give new Star Wars comics a brand new try?

    (*332/1250 = .265)
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    I glance thru the comics when I'm at the book store, I won't get into reading the comics for a couple reasons. Time is the biggest reason. I stick to the novels, although the comics seem pretty cool.
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    I haven't missed a comic series yet. Don't plan on it either. Its a great medium and I love how they can explore small aspects and just fill in small bits and pieces in ways the novels can't.

    They help to open up the star wars universe a little more.

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    I'm not knocking the comics per se, I just feel that for the $ you don't get a whole lot. I may pick one up at WM and peruse it for a couple of minutes, but I wouldn't ever buy one because the price is just too high for a few pages of static cartoons surrounded by numerous ads.

    I'm already into the toys and the TCG; adding the comics would would be too much SW for me.
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    I've voted for Tales from the height of the Empire. I think this is the most interesting part of the saga and would like to read more...or just read . Comics aren't really as big here in the UK as they are anywhere else. You still see them around in some newsagents and a few Forbiden Planet shops, etc. but we don't have nearly as much as we should.
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    I no longer read the comics because the writing was just boring. It wouldn't matter what story arc the comics tried to develop if the writing was better. Also, $3 per comic seems high for something you can finish reading in 5 minutes.

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    I didn't vote for a specific genre because I like several different ones.

    I've never been that crazy about the First Jedi Order but I do have the comics. I'd like to see more storylines from the Clone Wars and the heighth of the Empire. I also enjoy the Qui-Gon and Obi Wan/pre-PM adventures, too.

    The New Jedi Order would be good, too.

    FYI -- I try to purchase my comics from local comic shops but if I don't get there (and I haven't lately) I've gotten them from Waldenbooks. They're normally slower so the comics stay on the racks a little bit longer.

    P.S. -- if anyone from Dark Horse reads this, I love the Infinities storylines. I can't wait to see what you have in store for ROJ!!

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    The cost for a few pages of reading isn't worth it. With the cost of the toys, I would have to get a second job to keep up with the comics too. Its not only the Star Wars comics, but comics in general.

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    I don't read the comics because I find it to hard to keep up with all the different lines and I'm happy with the ones I have. But if I were going to read them I want Clone Wars or Empire(which I voted for) story lines. Early Jedi might be fine. But there is no way I'd read anything in New Jedi Order. The whole preemies is crape. And of all the crape that's out there this is the worst or the worst (and that pretty bad).
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    I wont buy comics, because I can't read. JK! I have never been interested in any comics. I don't hate them nor like them, I just don't care for them. Besides I don't need another collection, I'm sure you all know what I mean.
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