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    well, this sounds like a good movie! is it due out 2005? i don't really keep track of any movie dates but SW.
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    Hango, from what I have read it starts shooting in January and will be out sometime in 2004. So atleast E3 won't have Spider-Man 2 to compete with.

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    that's a good thing. maybe it will get a better box office total opening week/weekend! only 2.7 years!(roughly!) till E3
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    If sam only plans 3 movies, he according to my logic will be putting about 7 villans a movie, what about Black Cat (could be a minor villaness), that electro guy, the rhino, HOBGOBLIN, as long as venom gets made, ill be seeing that film... if not, i think not.
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    Venom should stay out of the movies. In the animated series it took a while to introduce him (in the comics there was a major lapse between Peter getting away from the sybmiote and Venom's first appearance (McFarlane did Venom better than almost everyone else, I'm not a huge fan of the tounge and the original issues his tounge wasn't like that) so in the movies, if they did it in one movie, it would be nearly 3.5 hours. Unless Spidey gets the alien costume in a lab in the next one, gets rid of it, and then Eddie gets it at the end.

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    I believe the release date is May 7th, 2004, somewhere around there.

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    As long as they continue to do $100 million + opening weekends, I think there will be more than two sequels to Spiderman. They might not have Raimi and Maguire, but there's no way Sony will sit on that kind of franchise money.

    I see Robin Williams as Dr. Octopus. He turned down the Riddler because he wanted to do dark and Joel "Stab his eyes may he burn in Hades" Schumacher wanted to do camp. Maybe he's still itching for the comic book villain role.

    I also hope the Spidey franchise doesn't fall into the multiple villains trap that the Bat franchise suffered with.

    It's also a fond wish/pet peeve of mine that they don't simply call the next one Spider-Man 2.

    ARRRGHH! What about The Amazing Spider-Man, or The Spectacular Spider-Man, or the Web of Spider-Man??

    ANYTHING except slapping a 2 or a II on the name!! Gads I hate that with a passion!ROLLO!
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    It's better then some of the Batman movie sequel titles. But they could go with calling it "Spider-Man II:. And then give it some intresting title as a secondary title. Sam Raimi has done that before, with Evil Dead. "Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn". So it could work, if they come up with a decent name.

    Spider-Man II: Attack of the Octopus

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    There are 2 reasons why you probably won't be seeing Venom in the Spidey films. First Sam Raimi was interviewed in Cinescape and said (basically) that he doesn't like the character. The second reason is that I remember reading somewhere that another studio bought the rights to produce a Venom movie.
    It's been awhile since I've seen the cartoon, so could someone tell me how they introduced the Symbiont/Black costume/Venom, I don't remember.


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    Actually, the rights to do a Venom movie did belong to New Line until last year when they reverted back to Marvel. So all Warner has to do is pick up the Venom license. But there are plenty of other intresting charecters that they could include, if they don't go with Venom. BTW, here's the Alien Costume 3-parter Episode Synopsis from

    Spider-Man: The Alien Costume, Part 1
    Story by Avi Arad & Stan Lee; Teleplay by Stan Berkowitz, Len Wein, Meg Mclaughlin, & John Semper

    A space shuttle piloted by J.J.'s son, John Jameson, crash lands on the Tri-Borough Bridge carrying two strange meteors -- One that could provide a new nuclear fuel and one that contains an alien substance. The first is stolen by the Kingpin's henchman, the Rhino, just as Spider-Man arrives to save Jameson and the co-pilots. When the Rhino sends the aircraft off the bridge, Spider-Man emerges from the water with a dark stain covering his costume. Exhausted, he heads for home, only to awaken hanging from a skyscraper, now clothed in a black version of his costume. J. Jonah Jameson blames the wall-crawler for the meteor theft and offers a million dollar reward for him. Eddie Brock used the Daily Bugle to continue his own personal assault on Spider-Man, while Spider-Man discovers he likes the new attitude and augmented powers the new suit gives him -- until he catches up with the Rhino. Then he realizes along with the new costume came a nasty streak that makes him wonder what he's become.

    Spider-Man: The Alien Costume, Part 2
    Story by Brynne Stephens & John Semper; Teleplay by Brynne Stephens

    Ducking bounty hunters on every corner, Spider-Man angrily goes after the man responsible for libeling him: Eddie Brock. Finally, it's Mary Jane who points out that Peter is not acting like himself, which confirms his vague fears...the new suit has changed him. He seeks help from Dr. Curt Conners who discovers that the suit is alive!! And Peter is the host organism! The Shocker, Alistair Smythe's latest creation, snatches the incriminating photos of the Rhino and Spider-Man is apparently defeated in their battle. But he miraculously shows up at Smythe's lab to steal the Promethium-X back from the Kingpin. In a bell tower battle Spider-Man finally rids himself of the alien symbiote, but as luck would have it, Eddie Brock accidentally becomes its next partner.

    Spider-Man: The Alien Costume, Part 3
    Story by John Semper, Jan Strand, & Mark Hoffmeier; Teleplay by Mark Hoffmeier

    The Kingpin is furious at Spidey and sends the Shocker and later the Rhino out to finish Spidey of with the aid of another new invention of Alistair Smythe. Meanwhile, Eddie Brock, as the symbiote creature Venom, is busy playing cat and mouse with Spider-Man, intruding on Peter's private life and making it clear he knows the web-slinger's secret identity. Peter soon realizes that the pumped-up Eddie as Venom is stronger than he is. Worse than that: Spidey's spider-sense doesn't work around Venom!

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