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Thread: Spider-Man!!

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    And the Green Goblin!!

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    Aahhh! Spidey-licious!

    And kids, don't forget...Spiderman starts with 'S'!
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    I get nothing but a blank white screen with the little Quicktime counter going off below it.
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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    I get nothing but a blank white screen with the little Quicktime counter going off below it.
    The same thing is happening with me.

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    Sorry guys. Somebody was naughty at Sony and made everybody take them down. The link at might still work...

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    If you go to the spiderman website you can see a really cool picture of the green goblin

    Oh man...

    I really hope that isn't the final version of Green Goblin. He looks like robotic beebop of ninja turtles fame.

    That is beyond lame. If that is an indication of what the Spiderman movie is in for I think I will save my money for a bag of popcorn when Attack makes its debut. What the heck was Raimi thinking when he dreamt that green goblin get up? First he wanted organic web shooters, now this?? Somebody smack the idiot with an oar. Please?

    I was really looking forward to my favorite super hero being made into a cool movie. Now I have my doubts.

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    Originally posted by master jedi
    The same thing is happening with me.
    Me too,So what was it? A new trailer? Can't wait for Spiderman,another comic turned movie *sigh* hope they dont ruin it!
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    I got the same thing, a 3 meg QT counting off zippidy do dah. Oh well.

    Preacher, you're quite right about the Goblin, he doesn't cut the mustard IMO either.

    As for the organic web shooters, those were an idea of James Cameron's from way way WAY back when this project first got written.
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    I'm looking forward to the movie.I hope they don't mess it up like they do with a lot of super hero movies.Not counting the superman movies.
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