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    I just called the fan club about an hour and 1/2 ago and they said it would be sometime next month. Not sure if it's next week or next month but I can't wait. I'm Looking forward to collecting all the council members!

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    It's annoying that you have to spend $30 to join so you can spend $35 to get the figure. They claim they're going to do more of the council, so I may have to join...

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    I'm still nervous of the easily-broken top of the figure's head.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    As far as i know you dont have to be a member to order from the website, all u have to do is sign up, u can order stuff afterwards even if u dont choose a subsription plan......i've been doing it myslef and have yet paid any fees.

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    i've bought from the fan club before, and i am not a member. besides, i was able to purchase the "fan club exclusive" valorum and blue guard 2 pack from entertainment earth.

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    do you have to be fan club member to by this or could you by the star wars insider magazine and order through there?? i would like to buy this fig and the rest of the jedi council but i don't want pay a membership fee just to buy them!!!!

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    Exclamation nuting yet...

    Just called Tues Night, nothing yet. Guy said maybe THIS month?
    Not much info either?

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    when you mean register do you mean at the starwars fansite??
    or can i just call them up to place an order??

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    If you're a member you get to pre-order 1st for a few bucks less.
    After that, once they get the shipments out to the members, or the shipments come in, they offer it up to everyone.

    Memberships gets you a slight discount and 1st dibs on items. Just keep checking and you'll get your shot at it.

    I have a membership and they make you buy into the insider mag, but you can still register and buy stuff, you just have to wait a few weeks after the member pre-orders.

    The only perk I've had so far was buying two toy fair vaders for 12 bucks a piece from the fan club site.

    Just hold out, you'll get it cheeper than any of the other sites.

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    Any of these other 12" Jedi suppose to come out when Ki does, or are they later??


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