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    Ki Adi Mundi has been seen at the Star Tours store...
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    I agree, I picked up one at the Star Tours store at Disney World/MGM studios in Florida.

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    K A M

    Originally posted by robman71
    I agree, I picked up one at the Star Tours store at Disney World/MGM studios in Florida.
    Dude, YOU should hook us up, we need him, need/want to trade?
    I have red/yell clones....

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    is Ki going to really be available at the fan club?
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    Yep, he's a fc exclusive! I called them yesterday and the guy I talked to said they were expecting the bulk of their shipment in early August. A few could show up before then, but the rest will be around August. At least that's what he said. Take it with the usual salt shaker or two. At first, he will only be available to FC members and if there's any left, they'll be open to everyone else at a later date. So if you want him early, you'll have to join the club (if you're not already a member) or buy second hand. You do get a $10 off coupon though for joining so it's not TOO bad... Hopefully, Plo Koon should be before November. But that's definately not set yet. He said he thinks they're waiting to see how well Ki sells first. Don't shoot the messenger if it doesn't turn out like this! I'm only reporting what the guy said.

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    f/c coupon?

    I joined recently, where do I get a $10 coupon?
    BTW-Amoktime has this fig for $45 if you have double the price to spend?

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    So how quickly do you get the $10 coupon. I want my Ki-Adi!!
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    Ki Adi Mundi In Late August!!

    After a call to the fan club (they first told me in June the fig. would be out), a recording now states it will be out in late August...and I though they were going to have alot of the jedi council members come out in the duration of the summer...?

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    Thanks, but your post may be merged with the other thread about the FC Ki Adi Mundi figure.
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    Have you received your membership packet yet? I'll bet it's in that. If not, call the FC. They were actually quite helpful. Shipping didn't seem too bad either.


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