I just got it yesterday, here's a quick review:

- comes in a white mailer box with a big "KI ADI MUNDI"
and "MADE IN CHINA" at the front, and a barcode
at the back
- his white ponytail is plastic, it sticks to the top of his head,
and looks like it can break quite easily, so be careful there
- both hands are new moulds
- surprise, has a hidden handbag underneath the left side
of his belt, you have to cut the 2 threads that holds
his jedi outfits to his pants to uncover the handbag
- jedi outfit has a hood, you have to cut the thread that holds
the hood to his jedi outfit, hood is extra-long, so that it can
cover his long head
- the rest of the things are quite standard, nice figure

that's all