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    Post Complete Galaxies

    Would anyone else here like the Complete Galaxies to return in the POTJ line? I would love them to as they are one of my favourite parts of my collection. And if so, what would everyone like Hasbro to produce? In my opinion I would love an Admiral Ackbar aboard the Mon Calamari StarCruiser, or a Bespin one, although I can't think of the most appropiate character.
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    Complete Galaxies

    I thought they were pretty cool too, but I don't think too many other people did, most importantly those with cash to buy them.Check the archives out for the photos of the unproduced Leia Echo Base/Hoth set that Hasbro tooled up for and produced as test shots before canning the range. If a toy gets that close to production then gets cancelled it's a sure sign no-one thinks it'll recoup the cost of even making it, a lesson Hasbro must have learned from the four already released. The range would also have been limited to the number of planets in the films I suppose. My vote for a cool addition to the range would go to a Yavin IV with a lovely little General Dodonna inside or maybe Coruscant with Yarael Poof folded over inside!

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    I would love to see the Hoth Complete Galaxy...unfortunately i dont think that will happen...
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    At first the CG series seemed OK, but then they just seemed like something to display. There wasn't anything you could really do with them. All the figures included were pretty much already made loose, except for the Ewok.

    I would rather see Hasbro make something new or just focus on making better stuff than trying to diversify and just make everything crummy.
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    I'd much rather see the deluxe line continue before the complete Galaxy.
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    They take up too much space and aren't very well made IMO. I bought the Endor one for the Ewok glider and plan on buying the Dagobah one for the flying critter but the globes just gonna sit in a box under the bed. I'd rather have more interesting carded figures and more deluxe figures. A beasties pack full of things like Mynocks and Dagobah swamp critters and Scurrier rodents. All the nice bits without the clunky useless packaging. Sheesh - there's only so much money a guy's prepared to waste to get the critters he wants...


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